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How to summon a spirit (be very careful with this)
This may or may not help you to summon a specific spirit.



This is not for beginners; you need a great understanding in dealing with spirits before attempting this, or you may get harmed and suffer the consequences your whole life!

Hints and Facts:

Do not get angry at the spirit, this shall make them feel uneasy. Ask simple and easy questions. e.g. yes or no. Don’t show any sign of fear! Be careful as spirits can be very dangerous, they can chuck you across the room, or even choke you. So be thee warned.

You will need:

Four people would be great (it is dangerous to only have the one) white candles in-between everyone a plain clean glass faced down in the middle. All the letters of the alphabet placed around the table near the glass just in case you have to ask a tricky question and the spirit has to spell it out. Yes and no on opposite sides. Everyone touches one finger on the top of the glass, never remove until done.

Call upon the spirit loud and clearly somewhere along the lines of this.

"_Name_ I call upon you, please wont you come to me? Repeat about 5 times, all are saying as well. Then ask if anyone is there, don’t be scared, the glass may move, the spirit is trapped under it, and do not let it out! If slowly moves to yes you have got one, it is best to ask as well if it is who you wanted and be careful if it isn’t as magic is not a toy n you could have easily had a dark spirit near by and has decided to visit you but have no fear if this spirit is here take cautions and ask it politely what it is doing here, and for it to go away.

Now after you have finished all of this. Tell the spirit that you are finished and you wish the spirit to leave in a nice tone of voice, the slowly remove your finger as if you remove fast it may attract evil spirits.

By Tash :)


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