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Relaxation ritual

Relaxation ritual

First, give yourself permission to relax. Stop, relax, and do nothing.

Take your time. Get comfortable sitting or lying down. Shake out any tension. Relax. Get cozy.

Mentally go over every part of your body to check for tension. Check your legs, your feet, your toes. Check your shoulders, your spine, your arms, your hands, and your fingers. Check your gut. Check your neck and double check your shoulders. Relax. You can’t do this exercise wrong. There is no need to relax “perfectly.” Just take it easy for a few minutes.

Say out loud: “As I now relax, I feel the subconscious power of my Divine and Higher Self arise, easily and without conscious effort.”

Count slowly backwards from eleven. Take at least one full breath between each count. (If you go so slowly that you lose track of where you are in your counting, that is good—that is a sign you are relaxing deeply.)

When you reach zero, just wallow in the comfort of feeling more relaxed than you were when you started.


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