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Contacting Guides
How to contact spirit and animal guides. By Misanthropy.

Contacting Animal, Spirit Guides:

1.Go out into the woods and find a nice quite spot at which you will be undisturbed. Also, be sure to wear comfortable clothing, as you may be sitting for a while. Avoid the use of incense or anything that may distract you from your natural surroundings.

2.Sit down and meditate on nature and the changing of the seasons. Picture their changing year after year. Feel the grass your sitting on, listen to the sounds of the animals and insects in the trees, smell the scent of the trees and grass. Picture yourself as one with your surroundings.

3.Close your eyes, you will still feel and smell the things around you, but your mind should now wander and bring you visions of various animals.

4.If you're not experienced with meditation your mind may wander and bring you into contact with several creatures. Remember that the first one you see is not necessarily your guide. Talk to each one and try to feel what his or her message to you might be.

5.Your true animal guide has more to say to you than just a simple hello. Their message to you is important. They will show you ways in which to take charge of your life or help to improve it in some way.

6.If you don't find your guide the first time you try, don't be upset. Reflect on what you learned from the experience. Decide on how you could improve your next attempt and try again. You might be surprised at your success the next time around.

7.When you have contacted your guide you may see him or her from time to time. You might see him or her in your dreams, in the glance of a stranger, or in various other places and ways.

8.Always remember that no matter what happens he or she will be your personal guide for as long as you are here on this earth. Remember that your guide has a life to live as well and cannot always be near you, but they will always be close to you and assist you when they are needed.

This is from the Mind, Body, and Spirit Collection. It is a company that ships and produces Pagan friendly products. They sent my cousin a binder that had techniques in it that you could try and the above mentioned was one of them.


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