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Deal with demon
Why would you even want to mess with a demon, if you have, get rid of it here.

First, ask yourself why you messed with a demon. next, get salt water immediatley!  after that, when you sleep, pour salt water around you, or get a steamer, and fill it with salt water. use protection spells, meditate, and become sentered. after your chi is in order, learn a powerful protection spell. never be alone until this is gone it is the worst thing you could possibly do. if you have family members, they are the demons next target, proect them to, you don't know when it will switch to them. if anyone gets possesed, follow these exact rules. first, pour a little salt in every glass of water they get. otherwise, take them to a church, and have an exorcism done. open your third eye so you can see the demon, this is very important.


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