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Wand-Type Suggestions
A comparison between two different types of wands.

One type of wand can be made from Yew, also known as Taxus baccata. It may be embroidered with lapis lazuli and/or merlinite gems, as well as runic/enochian inscriptions such as "as above so below". It is said to be able to strongly increase/help with spell casting and overall power.

Another type of wand can be made from Hawthorn, also known as Cartaegus oxcyianta . It may be embroidered with bloodstone, pieces of coral , or tiger eye, inscribed with things such as "They that trust in God shall be as mount Zion witch cannot be removed but abideth forever!" . These types are said to be great anti-demonic wands, capable of curse-removing as well as unhexing. Another use for this would be exorcism and banishment.


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