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Druidic ritual for invoking visions
A ritual intended to grant you visions of either your animal spirit or a prophetic message.



As this is a Druidic ritual some things must be taken into account: the time that you perform the ritual, the place, and your intent. It should be around sunrise or sunset that you attempt this ritual.

Begin byplacing the candles on the ground:  one to your right and left and one in front of you. Then light them. Sit cross-legged on the ground and clear your mind. Spend as much time as you need in this stage, clearing your mind and concentrating. You should begin to feel light.

Once you feel light and clear of mind, light the smudge stick and place it in the bowl. Lean forward, if needed, to allow the fumes to waft past your face. Do not inhalf the smoke deeply. Keep breathing at your normal pace, still concentrating on keeping your head clear of thought. Again, sit and meditate in this stage until you feel you are ready to proceed.

Now, ask the spirits of the forest and everything around you for a vision. You may call upon any Gods/Goddesses or other deities you worship as well. Focus on your intent, and ask for either a prophetic message or some sort, or to meet your animal spirit. Whichever you are wanting.

When done with this, thank whichever deities you called upon and take your matierals with you.


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