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Greco-Egyptian Necromancy
Ritual used to create the legendary golem of the Prague Ghetto.

1. Create ink from red ochre, burnt myrrh, fresh wormwood juice and either powdered evergreen leaves or the essential oil of evergreen.

2. Write the following on a flax leaf: "AZEL BALEMACHO" (this is the english transliteration. Ideally the formula is written in the greek alphabet, so that it will have 12 letters)

3. Place the leaf in the mouth of a corpse. Unlike in ancient times, this isn't so easily done. A simple variation is to take an athame and pierce a grave so that you can easily slip the leaf into the earth.

4. Ask your question. Listen patiently. Modern literal minds may expect to hear a direct answer such as a clear voice replying. Its not so simple. This is not the way answers are usually received. Allow yourself to receive spontaneous mental revelations. In addition, the answer may come through another person entirely who doesn't even realize they're serving as an oracle.


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