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The Sorcerers Bag of Power
The purpose of this bag is to store magickal enegry like a battery to be used like an explosion when you need it's power desperatly.

Keep placing power and energy into the bag from time to time.

when you need it's stored up energy, hold the bag in your hand and pull the energy out. Use this energy while casting spells and cry out your need as you release the bag. After, you will need to refill the bag with more energy.

You need to use exactly the following ingredients for this conjure bag to work.

1 chunk of load stone

1 small clear quartz crystal

1 small tigers eye

3 teaspoons of five finger grass/cinquefoil

1/8 teaspoon celery seed

1 small galangal root/low john root

1/8 teaspoon mugwort

7 rose petals

13 small pieces of rowan wood or 13 berrys from a rowan tree

2 teaspoons of doggrass/witchs grass

Now, grind the herbs in your mortar and pestal. Place your hands over the herbs and recite:

"Powers of darkness, powers of light,

I call on thee this fullmoon night.

Aid me as the Gods do tell,

to charge this magick fully well."

First, place into the bag the load stone, tigers eye and quartz. Next, pour the herbal mix over these into the bag. Now spit into the bag, blow your breath into the bag, light a match and extinguish it quickly into the contents of the conjure bag.

Seal it tightly and never open it again !

The conjure bag should be black to absorb energy.

When I release my circle, I will seal it's energy into the bag. I take the conjure bag in my recieving hand and my athame in my power hand. Moving widdershins, at the point when Im about to stop, I slam my athame into the bag and stomp my foot. Then visualize the energy filling the bag.


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