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Fogged Mirror Protection/Power ritual
A way to give you everyday power/protection when you shower.

Take a (warm) shower and try to relax.

When you are relaxed try to visualize the water to be energy that is going inside your skin.

If you are finished/clean go to the mirror (in the same bathroom) and it will be foggy.

Now write with your finger the rune Algiz (to protect yourself) or Tiwaz (to gain offensive power) on the fogged mirror.

Look up how this runes look like on wikipedia, there are a bit arrow like.

When you finished writing make sure you can see your own face in the lines of the rune.

Stare at yourself for a little moment (seconds not minutes) and wave the rune of the mirror with your hand.

With this ritual you use ancient power of the Norse/Germanic gods and the power of water.

You can use this ritual everyday, It's a good way to start your morning.


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