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Power Binding
A simple ritual to bind another person.



Begin by gathering your materials in front of you. Light a candle, of whichever color you choose, and sit it in front of you. Then, as you focus on the candle flame, begin to think of the person you wish to bind. When you have pictured the person perfectly in your mind, use the pen to write their name on the piece of paper.

Turn and light the incense. As it burns, chant into the flame of the candle: "I do the bind with this flame".Focus on the person you are wishing to bind: "I do the bind with this flame".Focus on the intention behind the binding: "I do the bind with this flame". Finish the chanting by focusing on the name of the person as you say, for the last time: "I do the bind with this flame".

When you are done, hold the piece of paper with the person's name over the candle until it burns. Then, take the ashes and bury them in earth.


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