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Protection Ritual
This ritual is blessed upon an item for protection ie- pentagram, necklace......

Need :- 1 red candel

4 white candles

cinnomon incence

bowl of water

onyx crystle

Method :- Cast a circle and place the red candle at north symbolising fire, the cinnomon incence at east for air, the bowl of water at south for water and the onyx crystle at west for earth.

Inside the original circle open a second circle and place a white candle at each point of the compass; north, east, south and west..

Sit inside both circles with the item you wish to spell infront of you on the ground.

Steady your breathing and concerntrate on the item, focus your magickal energy on the item and recite.

North, oriens, meridious quod occasus.

Incendia, aer, unda quod terra.

Inhance your powers upon this (say item eg. pentagram necklace).

So that your power shall protect whoever wears this (say item).

May your strength protect them from,

All harm which threatens them.

Blessed Be your Magick,

Blessed Be your Strength.

So Mote It be.

Perform this ritual on the night of a full moon. When finished meditate inside both circles and transfer your magick into the item. Then blow out the candles in the inner circle and close that circle.

Before closing the outer circle thank the goddess for helping you with this incantation for protection.

Close the original circle and be done.

Be sure to keep this spelled item on you at all times for full protection.


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