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Your Dedication to Night
This ritual is to get you dedicated to night to work with nocturnal magick

Place both palms on the altar and kneel before it. Spend a moment feeling a connection with your altar, your circle's center of power. Your palms may start tingling as soon as they touch the altar cloth. Slowly move closer to the nocturnal portal until you can see your reflection (if the portal is set up properly for scrying, you'll have to get quite close to see your face). Meditate for a moment on how you can see yourself coexisting with the glowing darkness around you, and on what this means to you at this point in your life. Remind yourself why you feel most comfortable surrounding by night. Gazing into the reflection of your eyes, which will look dark, like mini scrying mirrors, say: I NOW CAST MY LOT WITH THE SHADOWS. MAY THE GODS AND GODDESSES OF NIGHT HEAR MY WORDS AND WELCOME ME INTO THEIR EMBRACE. SO MOTE IT BE. Move your face back from the portal, seeing it blend more with the darkness Lift your hands and wave some of the incense smoke into your face close your eyes and be aware of the mystical scent. Open your eyes, stand up, and close the circle using steps twenty seven and on. Do perform another banishing when the circle is undone


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