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Visualization Technique
Basic technique to work on visualization.

This is a technique to help you work on basic visualization, and find that " happy place " in your mind. I often use this technique to calm people down before doing a healing to make sure they are full relaxed.

If you are able to do so, please find a way to record yourself reading the details here. It will help you guide yourself on your journey. If you cannot, it's ok. Keep note of the detials.

Get into a state of relaxation. If you are completely relaxed after meditation, do this then. Either way you need to be able to focus and be totally relaxed.

Picture before yourself the letter A. See it fade into your view, becoming clearer and clearer. Notice that it is very bold and a very bright red. See it before you, and notice in the backround a dirt road comming to light. As the dirt road gets clearer, the A fades until it is gone completely.

See the dirt path. Feel the sun shine on your face. Walk this path until you come to a fork in the road. To your left, see a meadow. Tall green grass. Look to your right. See woods. See a path leading into the woods and walk it. Notice the tree's, hear the birds, smell the smell that you can only experience in the woods. See the light struggle to push through the leaves of these tree's. You are on a straight dirt path. No obstacles.

Come to the end of the woods and see a clearing. Notice a large boulder to your left. A creek before you, flowing beautifully as the sun dances on the waters. To your right, you will notice a small wooden, uncovered bridge. It leads to the other side of this creek. On the other bend, you see a thick mist. Walk to the bridge and cross to the other side. Walk through the mist. As you get closer to it's end you see...........

This isn't a cliff hanger lol. Past the mist is your own personal world that only you know of. You may picture it to be anything you wish...but your heart knows it.

You may not see the same exact things on this visualization journey, but try to keep it close. The point isn't what you see in the exact details that I have given...it's that you see it at all =)


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