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Animal Attributes Riual


5 Large Bowls (Metal)

Essence of air,water,fire,earth

Spirit mixture—(hair, bone, or blood of the animal you wish)

Large pentacle

6 Wiccan/Pagans of High Knowledge

image of the animal you wish

Set up the large pentacle in a place you wont be disturbed during the ritual.

Then put one of each element (including soul) into one of the large bowls.

Then one by one start with top right point and set the fire mixture,air mixture,earth mixture, water mixture. while placing each one say

"These elements we give to (6th persons name) and (animal),

so that thier souls wil be entertwined forever,

The gift of (elements **) i give them"

** =

Fire: Sight

Water: Taste

Earth: Smell

Air: Touch

Spirit: Hearing

Then the 6th person says while burning the image of the animal

"I give this animals blood to the gods below,

I give this animals body to the gods above,

The spirit i take to Mix with my own."

The 6th person sits in the middle and meditates while envisioning the animals spirit entering his own body. Let this person be alone for as long as it takes him to get used to hte new spirit inside of him. When ever he fells ready to talk about the new experience he will. So dont pester him.


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