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to protect yourself psychically.

--black candle to absorb negativity blue candle to bring transcendence

--cord athame cauldron to burn stuff in;

--I also used quick-light charcoal with frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood for purification

--cakes and wine

Casting circle: (using athame)

I cast this circle

To protect me from negative energy and positive energy that would work against me

I raise this circle

To create a time that is not a time a place that is not a place in a world all its own

I draw this circle to erect this temple

Wherein I perform this rite, sacred unto myself

Quarter calls:

Hail spirits of the east Join me here for parting feast

Hail spirits of the south Partake this ending food with fiery mouth

Hail spirits of the west I end this here, let me be blessed

Hail spirits of the north I need to bury energy in thy earth, so I call thee forth

Tie cord around your waist. Make on knot for each person, item or incident you wish to

free yourself from. Invocation:

Plouton, god of good fortune, god of death

I ask thy presence and thy boon

You see these bonds around my waist that I shall be breaking soon

Carry these energies back to Hades

Give them a place in the land of the dead

Each knot around this cord on my waist represents something somehow unresolved.

By enacting this rite, I am naming myself free!

I cut you from me (name names, name sins, etc.) I am free of you

(place knot in burning cauldron)

Repeat as necessary for each person. (cut off all of cord, with athame).

throw in cauldron. Over cauldron:

Plouton, as these connection burn

Let their power forever wane

Take what's left of them with you to the underworld

I have had from them what I can learn

Cakes and wine


Plouton, sacred ruler of the dead I have finished my ending rite

Thank you for hearing what I have said

Goodbye, travel well to your eternal night North and earth,

carry the energy I raised here bury it, let it lay fallow --

I am done with this rite West and water, cleanse away these stagnant lines wash them away --

I am done with my rite South and fire, transform these old energies into something healthier and happier --

I am done with my rite East and air, blow these old lessons away from me I am ready for new paths --

I am done with my rite I cast this circle, thus neutralized, into the universe that whomever needs this

energy may take it and I re-enter the time that is a time and the place that is a place

so mote it be


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