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Ouija Binding and Destroying.
If you have left an open door with the Ouija board, use this to bind the spirits/demons you let loose to the Ouija and destroy them.

Place the Ouija on the table or alter. Place the key on the middle of the board. One red candle on either side of the board. Call upon the spirits/demons that are loose to the board. Send a command for them to come to you. Remember not to fear what you see or this can go wrong.

Summon this thing and push them into the Ouija Board. If they donít, release your True Spirit Animal to chase them to the board. When they are there, tape down the key to the board. If the key falls off then the spirits/demons will be released.

Take the board to running water (River, stream,) on a crescent moon night. Set the Ouija board next to the running water and set it on fire. Let it burn as the key melts. When it is almost entirely burned and asked, kick it into the water. Let it run with the water. The spirit/demons will fly from the Ouija and disintegrate into the air to be no more.

WARNING : Do not do this with out thiking first. This can be Vary dangerious.


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