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Ritual Bath
A ritual bath can be a way of preparing for ritual, a ritual by itself, or wonderful way of unwinding at the end of the day. Here is one way to prepare a ritual bath.

Items needed for ritual: Incense, dish of salt, white candle, a pitcher of water (rain, ocean, stream or a mixture of the three). Clean the room thoroughly and layout your best, fluffiest towels. Fill the tub. Light the candle. Turn out the room lights. Wave the incense in a deosil motion above the bath while saying, Spirits of Nature, bless this Water. Help me breathe away any thoughts that cloud my mind. Help me to remember the song of the Sky and to be filled with Your gift of freedom. Move the candle deosil above the bath while saying, Spirits of Nature, bless this Water. Your inspiration is felt in all acts of creativity. Let me feel my creative energies renewed.  Again, moving deosil, pour the chalice of water into the bath and say,   Spirits of Nature, bless this bath. As you are the tears of the sorrow and the joy of the Mother, flowing from Her as the tides and the rain, let me feel the love of the Mother in these Waters. Sprinkle the salt into the bath with a deosil motion (three pinches is good),  Spirits of Nature, bless this Water. Cleanse away fears and stress as I enter. Let me feel the warm embrace of the Mother Earth, and know that Her wisdom is for all to share.  Stay as long as you like and feel the stress drain away. You may find the ritual bath a good place to meditate.


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