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Fertility Douches
WARNING: Western medicine tells women that douching can DECREASE your chances of getting pregnant because it kills the necessary bacteria in the female reproductive organ. However, many other cultures say the opposite is true. Speak to your doctor before trying one of these recipes.

Lemon Juice Douche

(supposedly improves the pH making it easier for sperm to travel. Use 10-30 minutes before intercourse)

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

1 cup warm water (do NOT use vinegar)

Irish Moss Douche

Dr. Sebi, a healer from Honduras, had a very effective douche for women. It is very effective in cleansing and promoting a healthy womb environment. It is good for getting rid of minor vaginal discharges and also helping in increases fertility of the womb. The key thing about this douche is that it provides a lot of calcium in the herbs used. This is very helpful for the health of the womb.

2 tbsp of Red Raspberry tea leaves

3 drops of Tea Tree Oil

1 pint of Irish Moss Liquid (A solution of Irish Moss boiled in fresh water. make sure to strain it well before use.)


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