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Post # 1 by Petrarca
Sep 07, 2011

Members can now apply to be editors.

Currently editors can edit articles, in the near future they will be able to edit spells.

They can also approve some content such as videos and directory listings and answer the Interactive FAQs.

A full list of abilities and guidelines are available on the Editor Forum board which is accessible only to Editors.

So if you want to be an editor and edit just one, or edit hundreds of articles, this is your chance.

There are some qualifications to becoming an editor:

  • You must still qualify by the existing rules

  • You must be on the site for at least 3 months

  • You must have a history of posting spell, articles or forum posts, or have proven yourself intelligent and articulate in the chatter

  • Editors still go through the normal voting and sponsorship process, the applications just provide a list of people who wish to become mods.

  • Editor can/will be able to edit any spells/articles where the article/spell is public and the coven leadership has allowed the public editing of documents. Once edited, Publishers will decide if the edits are of good enough quality and either accept or reject them.

    To apply, simply find an article which you believe needs editing and which qualifies for public editing. At the bottom, above the place where you can rate articles an Editor Application link will appear if you are qualified to become an editor.

    For a quick link, you can go here: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/coven_ritual.html?rit ual=66coven=1 and scroll to the bottom of the article where the link should be visible.

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    Post # 2 by kts
    Feb 22, 2012

    I have had several people ask about this recently and the site is always in need of new and qualified editors. Please help out if you feel you are qualified.

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