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Post # 11 by User163235
Feb 12, 2012
The ability to add members to your friends list or remove them from said list while on the mobile site.
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Post # 12 by Sappho
Feb 13, 2012
Adding the name tags back to the coven chat. That way you know who the Priest/ess, Council and member's are. I actually really liked that.
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Post # 13 by Petrarca
Feb 13, 2012

Much of the mobile site is planned to be changed and contain many of the features that the full ste has. Whatever is possible to add to the mobile site will be added.

The coven titles is controllable by the priest/ess of your coven.

You can edit your profile to use a HTML editor already, so bolding and other formatting is done for you. You can turn this on by editing your profile.

If you wish the forums to be cleaned up, you can apply for an editor position. If you are not qualified to be an editor consider yourself part of the problem.

Keep any other ideas/request coming, they will be taken into account when the redesign/development takes place.

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Post # 14 by Magickor5
Feb 13, 2012
A section for religion and religious debate? Just an idea.
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Post # 15 by Riordan
Feb 14, 2012
NO! don't redesign SOM is perfect as it is
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Post # 16 by StarBright33
Feb 14, 2012
I would really be interested in seeing an addition to the site that includes HTML in chat
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Post # 17 by User57115
Feb 14, 2012

I think what would help with the emoticons is having a feature to allow them to be blocked by an individual user (emote on/off). I would also personally love having email notification of when someone has responded to me through mail, pm (even when offline, though this can be seen as a redundant form form of mail), or thread post. That being said, a feature for the forum that would be nice is the use of a tagline that says in response to [user]. That could work well with the email notification.

Im constantly on my cell phone looking at email updates from things like facebook and the result is that I get on facebook more, so I think it would prompt people to be here more. Perhaps a mobile shop could be done as well? Just spewing ideas.

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Post # 18 by User163420
Feb 14, 2012

I have put in my suggestions before, but why not again since theres post specifically for suggestions.

Here is a brief compiled list with other ideas that have probably been mentioned already:

  • A separate window, box, or pop up for private messages, and even perhaps conference messages between a small group of people, where a member can create a conference and invite other members to join. This would be helpful for people trying to learn or teach a specific topic without other conversation getting in the way.

  • Disable or delete some of the more annoying smileys like the large dancing girls

  • For the forums, perhaps it would be beneficial for there to be more editors.

  • It would be extremely helpful if people could edit there own posts instead of having to copy their post, edit it, then post it again.

  • I strongly suggest that perhaps spell check was auto forced, that would greatly help with understanding what a lot of people are saying.

  • On members bios it would be nice to see a total post count i.e. the number of posts they have made.

  • Like the spells and articles, which have a rating feature, perhaps the forums should also have a rating feature.

  • In the coven forums it would be nice and helpful if there was an option for priest/ess and council to have the ability to create, view, and post private threads for official and private coven business.

  • A much larger project that would be beneficial is if there were a online school of sorts, where qualified members could actually teach classes on their subjects or fields.

  • One thing I have noticed, is that many people have multiple accounts, so maybe perhaps members could be allowed to join more the one coven, For example letting members join up to say three covens under one account.

  • While I know there have been problems in the past with members being allowed to create covens, I thought that maybe if covens were allowed to be created again, that this time there should be a coven creation application and process. Members who wanted to create a coven would have to fill out application questions, give a summary of the coven and its purpose, and make sure that the title or name of the coven was spelled correctly and grammatically and so on.

  • It would be nice if in our site history if we could have a link or separate page to see our complete site history, as of currently it only shows about a day or twos worth depending on how much you post.

  • Also it would be nice if there were either email or tool bar notifications when new replies are made to forum posts you have made, or forums posts you wish to keep updated on etc. Or perhaps a subscriber plugin...

  • And my final suggestion, and no one take offense, is perhaps instead of members being gagged all the time for even the smallest of infractions and what not, perhaps for smaller and minor infractions the member could be kicked for a certain amount of time depending on the infraction. Then when a certain number of infractions occur and the member has been kicked so many times, then that leads to a temporary gag. Gags just seem so harsh, at least for a lot of the minor infractions, especially when people are human and can make honest mistakes especially with spelling in chat etc. Just a thought to consider.

Anyway, thanks for your time, and I hope you find these suggestions helpful.



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Post # 19 by Petrarca
Feb 14, 2012

The redesign will have minimal effects on the general layout and appearance of the site. Over the past year and a half, since the last redesign, many more fetaures and functionalities have been added, as well there are a number of additions planned for the near future. The redesign will accomplish the folowing things:

  • Improve site speed

  • Improve the layout and position of elements in the articles/spells sections

  • Improve usability and consitancy between the full screen/mobile/and narrow screen layouts

There are many additions planned as well. Many of the suggestions made have already been completed months ago and are currently being tested by selected members on the site and if approved will be activated for all members after the upgrade..

So keep any other ideas you may have coming.

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Post # 20 by Vitki
Feb 14, 2012
similar to what ribbit had said last, a program/option thing, to appeal a gag, as a lot of people can get permagagged for reasons they shouldn't.

and, perhaps, when gagged, you have a message sent to your inbox by the system, telling you why, you where gagged, who gagged you, and for how long.

lastly, perhaps when the gag takes affect, id is not a gag on everything, but only on the thing the offense was committed on, like, if you did it in the forum, you will be gagged on the forum only
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