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Post # 21 by NimirRaj
Feb 15, 2012
I know this isn't a e-mail site, but I think the messaging system could use a few....''tweaks''. Such as:

  • I don't know how often members would want to do this, but the ability to message more than one person at a time would be a interesting addition. Of course this would require a new system using something like a username instead of a e-mail address and would work more like a e-mail service rather than clicking on a person's profile to message them. I think a similar or identical capability for covens would especially be nice. Instead of manually inputting names though it would be more efficient if the covens had a separate system that allowed them to message every coven member at once. I have seen situations in the past where coven leaders would message members about some important information they thought they might overlook in the forum or simply not check the forum and one member or more be overlooked in the messaging of the entire coven members. I know this isn't necessary or something desperately needed, but a group messaging system for covens would be a good tool, and could even allow some covens to perform some type of newsletter if they were a very active coven.
  • I also believe it would be nice if we could pull up a list of older posts in our history section such as any post or comment ever made, though I'm sure the page would be huge. Maybe it could be categorized by year to shorten it and maybe have it spread-out on multiple pages.
  • I also support the idea of a preview and editing capability for posts as I often make spelling mistakes I overlook till after I post something, which is likely to happen in this post.

    Overall the site is great the way it is, but anything can be improved.

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  • Post # 22 by User132389
    Mar 01, 2012
    1) I feel that (if at all possible) the communication limit should be set higher

    2) (This applies to priest/ess) If we are able to upload icons and images that are not just .gif (like .jpg)

    And thats all I got. Other than this the site is great :)
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    Post # 23 by Pseudonyma
    Mar 08, 2012
    I agree that a preview and edit feature on forum posts would indeed be very beneficial. The idea of having a separate chat box for private messages, as mentioned by Personified, would also be useful to have.

    I think getting some sort of notification when someone adds you as a friend would be a good asset to possess. Otherwise, we have no clue if somebody adds us unless they have told us via mail or chatter.

    In addition, a great feature to have that was suggested earlier is that if someone is gagged, they get a reason why and by who sent to their mail inbox. I also agree with the idea of being kicked for a period of time if it is a minor break of the chat rules, such as accidental caps; or words which involve minor stretching like 'ohhh.' Obviously if the breech of rules was an intentional act of defiance and/or excessive a gag would be appropriate.

    Ribbit- in reference to the forum post feature where you can see if there are any new replies on a post, add the post to your favorites, go on your profile settings and enable the one which asks you if you want your favorites to come up in the sidebar. It shows you if there are any new posts.

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    Post # 24 by Personified
    Mar 08, 2012
    What reputation stuff, cat?
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    Post # 25 by unirelivent
    Mar 08, 2012
    Allow moderators/priest/priestess to delete junk spells on the site and or coven.
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    Post # 26 by yuna1232
    Mar 12, 2012
    moon cycal in the moble stie
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    Post # 27 by Warlock777
    Mar 13, 2012
    i agree with all mobile site suggestion,but with the chatter some phones are not able to turn off the server..so it would be better to make changes to chatter..
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    Post # 28 by yuna1232
    Mar 15, 2012
    chat in the moble and lite site will be nice thanks!
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    Post # 29 by BrimSnake
    Mar 19, 2012
    The only problem I have here is the messaging, if you can

    1) Have group messaging

    and two

    2) Have a 'sent' box so we can see if we replied and if so what we said, you know things like that :)

    Other than that, this site is great!
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    Post # 30 by Lady_Winter
    Mar 20, 2012
    Group messaging would be amazing.
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