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Post # 302 by wiccanery
Jul 14, 2017

I dont know if this is still working, but in all my time here, some things would be nice:

  • Outbox... Its really useful as maybe you replied something good to other but if they dont answer, you have no way of getting that information back.

  • In the chat, an easier way to do PMs. As others said, pop ups, a separete window, or something of the sort.

  • Show created articles on peoples profiles as it happens with spells.

  • Subscribe to a thread to get e-mail notifications.

  • Some way to allow hyperlinks be it in articles or forums, so its easier to enter them.

  • Being able to edit your own spells/articles without having to go through a permission.

Thats all I can think of (of course, if this is still going on).

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Post # 303 by lindabrown
Jul 14, 2017
I will like to see sent emails
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Post # 304 by Jaxies
Jul 15, 2017

I would love to see a way to save mails. Like, you can download the conversation you had with the other person. I just think it would be really helpful!

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Post # 305 by GwendolenEta
Jul 27, 2017

Perhaps another gender option for those who identify as both or neither, instead of just male, female, or nothing.

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Post # 306 by GwendolenEta
Jul 28, 2017

Maybe update the dream interpretation page a little. Thanks!

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Post # 307 by User494395
Jul 29, 2017
You can simply choose to not select a gender in the options, GwendolenEta
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Post # 308 by GwendolenEta
Jul 30, 2017


It feels a lot better to agender and bigender people to actually be able to display their gender. It is all a matter of comfortablity. Plus, it would clear up confusion.

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Post # 309 by User494395
Aug 04, 2017
I would like a notification like the mail button when it turns red, but it alerts you if someone has replied to your comment. on coven forums for the regular forums.
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Post # 310 by SilentSyren
Aug 20, 2017

A few ideas I would like to contribute:

  • Being able to move pictures around like on Facebook with a drag and drop function so that we can arrange them as we like.

  • When making folders in your mailbox one wrong click and it gets deleted. I have noticed it only deleted the folder and throws all the mails back in the main mails but it would be nice if their was a confirm function so that one mistake doesnt mean having to dig through and resort three pages of mails.

  • For covens, maybe being able to make our own subforums would be nice. I would like to be able to make our own subforums for like astrology, herbalism, and so on within the coven. I figure if we can sort and make seprate mailboxes why not give High Priests and High Priestesses a simular function for coven?

  • Keeping with the same theme then allow the coven leaders and councilors move threads like moderators and editors can for public threads. That would make things so much neater and more organized!

  • Wiccans, Heathens, Druids, and Voodooists have their own forum section. Rightfully so considering they are popular enough to warnt it. But Hellenism I believe is also popular enough to have its own forum.

  • I agree with Evy on having a draft feature like in OneNote where it autosaves drafts. Even cellphones and a lot of email providers so this. Ive had a few times where I hit backspace or accidently close the tab. Boom, everything gone. Just like that.

  • Articles visable on profile history would be excellent. I would love to see mine next to my spells for quicker reference. That and see Larks easily when snooping on her profile or another smartys.

  • A sent folder would be really nice too. We can only see what we said if we copy it before sending or if they reply. Which there is no gurantee of. So that would be swell.

  • I would also like to add music to my profile like you can do on Gaia, Myspace, Facebook, etc. Set up to blast metal in peoples ears when they click on my bio. This I freely admit is extremely vain. I think this is the one I want the most.

Those are my thoughts for the moment. I hope some of them were helpful. Thank you in advanced for making a suggestion thread and taking the time to read and possibly consider any ideas suggested. This concludes my Christmas list Santa Pet. 3

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Post # 311 by SilentSyren
Sep 01, 2017

Also, please make an edit button for forums. At the point we are allowed to delete our own posts, could we be able to edit them? Facebook has an edit or delete option. If nothing else, could coven leaders be given this option? If we can edit spells and articles within our coven, forums would make sense as well.

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