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Post # 1 by NAnderson
Jun 19, 2017
what is the best wood to make a staff out of?

the choices of wood i have in Alaska where i live is aspen, pine, birch, and cottonwood.

And would it matter if the tree was a sapling?
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Post # 2 by Mattijn
Jun 19, 2017
Different kinds of wood have different properties. I suggest that you find out what they are and choose the one that suits you the best. At this moment or for a longer period.
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Post # 3 by Warlockchill
Jan 19, 2018
I know Iím a little late but I live in Alaska and my brother and I make homemade staves. I recommend using birch because birch wood expels evil spirits and is a great use of protection spiritually, especially if you carve your spirit animal into it. Birch is also a very sturdy wood and is excellent for protection and healing rituals.
I hope this helped!

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