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Post # 1 by Malkazar
Jun 16, 2017
What you give out will return multiplied. So what you put into something will come back to you but be a lot more then what you put in.

Also, The sins of our fathers will be carried for 7 generations meaning all that commit sins will have them in their family's for a long time.

and Do unto others as they have done to you.
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Post # 2 by Mrs.Kaos
Jun 16, 2017
Not everyone believes in the threefold law or karma.
I'm one of the people that don't.
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Post # 3 by Spirit75
Jun 16, 2017
generally speaking i treat the idea of the threefold law and/or Karma more as good advice, and a measure of common sense. While the multiple return part isn't one I necessarily follow, there is a basic intrinsic logic to the reap-what-you-sow concept

If a person is rude and obnoxious to the people around him, then it is natural to expect that those same people are not very likely to be polite back. Just as if a person is known to be generally selfish, unhelpful, and callous then even their friends are not quite so inclined to help that person when they hit a time of need.

meanwhile by way of the opposite, a person who is known by his peers to be friendly, giving, and supportive is much more likely to have people openly providing help and support if they ever reach a state of needing it.

The basic idea that word and deed (and indeed in some ways even thought) have consequences is a concept that is visible and easy to demonstrate. So I believe that having an awareness of consequences is one of those key points to look for in a person of wisdom.
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Post # 4 by Lark
Jun 16, 2017

Sorry, but this is very incorrect.

The idea of the sins of the fathers is a Christian concept and has nothing to do with Wicca. Wicca does not even include the concept of sin.

As for the idea of the Three-Fold Law, that is something which you and a lot of other people do not fully understand. That has to do with the idea of preventing you from doing something wrong by holding the threat of punishment over your head. Again, this is not a Wiccan concept.

We are also taught early in our spiritual journey as Wiccans about the Three-Fold Law, that whatever we do for good or ill returns to us three-fold. . And again it becomes a concept rife with misunderstanding and misinterpretations. We behave because we are afraid of being smacked with the Karmic paddle. Being good little Witches because we fear punishment if we break the rules does not make ethical beings, just clever ones. There is no Karmic scorekeeper out there keeping a list of whos been naughty or nice. There is no Divine retribution, or something like the Christian Hell for violations on the Rede. What the Three-Fold Law is telling us is choices of action have consequences for which we alone are responsible.

What the Three-Fold Law is telling us is that the consequences of our actions come back to effect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That is what the Three-Fold refers to.

We know for example that people who are constantly negative or angry suffer more heart attacks, strokes, and stomach/intestinal problems. Same is true in working with magic. This is where the physical part comes in.

We also know that if we deal in anger and negativity it can lead to depression, loneliness, and other issues. Thus the emotional rebound from your action.

And finally, if you go through your life living in negative ways you will weaken and perhaps lose your connection to the Divine which is what Wicca is all about. Hence the spiritual.

Oh, and do unto others is also a Christian teaching. Comes from Christs Sermon on the Mount in the Bible. It does not pertain to Wicca.

And as one final note, such things as the Wiccan Rede and the Three-Fold Law apply only to Wiccans, not to other forms of spiritual practice.

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Post # 5 by untdkngdm33
Jun 17, 2017
Like Mrs.Kaos has already pointed out not everyone follows the 'threefold law'. I believe self defence and justice are necessary in life.
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Post # 6 by Nekoshema
Jun 17, 2017
while it's true not everyone believes the Threefold Law, keep in mind you're in the Wicca section of the forums, and the Law of Three is primarily a Wiccan law [it's like, one of two 'rules' people feel make you 'Wiccan'] so while, yes, not all witches follow this law, telling Wiccans not all people follow Threefold Law is like walking into church and pointing out 'in all fairness, not everyone follows the ten commandments'.

as for the original post, your post is a little misguided. the Threefold Law simply states what you do, good or bad, returns three times over. so far so jolly, but what is lost is most go 'do good, three day of good karma, do bad, three days bad karma' and while there certainly are those who see it this way, i argue my view is more the energy you put out will effect your mind, body and spirit [three levels of being] do good you're in high spirits with a clear mind and a strong body. do bad and you're achie, cloudy in mind, and low in spirit. what's more, what would you define as 'good' or 'bad'? you cast to break up a couple in an abusive relationship, this good or bad? you cast a healing spell on someone who asked you not to meddle, this good or bad? you find 50$ on the street, is this karma rewarding you, or has someone just lost their weeks grocery money?

the sins of our fathers part, as far as i'm aware, is not Wiccan [maybe Christian Wicca, but i don't follow it so i don't know] but how would this be possible. true, there are those who believe how you live this life determines your next life [a murderer becomes the murder victim] but most view karma as a 'you did something, you are responsible' not a 'you're great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather stole a loaf of bread so you'll have bad luck' deal. [if you do, that's fine, but Wicca doesn't follow this]

finally, while 'Do Unto Others' is a wise phrase, it's Christian. the Wiccan equivalent is 'Eight words the Rede doth fulfill, As in Harm None, Do as Ye Will' [aka the other rule that makes a person Wiccan] problem with that one is you need to define 'harm'. most go 'don't curse, do whatever you feel like' when in reality your definition of 'harm' will directly effect your view of the Threefold Law. is overeating harmful? eating animals harmful? gossip? bullying? self-harm? negative thought patterns? curses? love spells? there's a lot of thought, reflection and personal understanding that goes into the two building blocks of this faith many don't realize until much later.
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Post # 7 by untdkngdm33
Jun 18, 2017
Great response miss Nekoshema. However i feel your opening lines were unnecessary. I studied wicca and I know what it is. The forum is for wiccans but not only wiccans visit it. While you might consider the 'threefold law' as purely wiccan the concept of 'return' is very popular among mainstream religions and wicca just happens to be one them.
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Post # 8 by Mattijn
Jun 19, 2017
Untkngdm33, what Nekoshema tries to make clear is that the Threefold Law is primarily Wiccan. But you are right, there are indeed in other religions wich use some form of Karma, but because this is a Wiccan forum she just makes clear that the Threefold Law is Wiccan.
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Post # 9 by SilentSyren
Jun 19, 2017

Neko is spot on. Its like going into a church just to say you dont believe in Jesus. You dont have to believe in him. Nobody is preaching to you or forcing their beliefs on you. You knew this was a church, you know their beliefs. So there is no need to go out of your way.

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Post # 10 by untdkngdm33
Jun 20, 2017
And so was Lark that most people apply the threefold law too broadly when in truth the consequences of your actions show up immediately in the physical and emotional self. She was also spot on that there is no divine retribution. The law is one misunderstood even by some wiccans.
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