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Post # 1 by hvymns
Aug 12, 2017
So I was wondering if were any specific steps I should take as a more or less beginner with witchcraft
Like are there any spells that you should cast first? Any supplies that would be good for someone starting out? Just stuff like that.

My family has always brought me up with crystals, tarot cards and some Native American rituals but recently I've wanted to go into a bit more depth with witchcraft specifically
Any advice is great!!
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Post # 2 by Levit
Aug 12, 2017
Good day hvymns,
When I first started Candle Magic worked for me. It's not the most difficult or expensive. Just be sure to first cleanse then charge/focus the candle. So many many ways to practice using not much more than a candle. Or they could be really complicated depending on what you need and what your intent is.

Since you have crystals already, I've heard of something called Gem Elixirs (sp?) which involves a cauldron and crystal/gem of choice.

I've felt that I have higher magical success and interaction the more I involve myself in more than just spells. For example I haven't made my witches broom yet but I can feel it needing/wanting to be put together. Like the feeling after you scratch an itch away; it's there.
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Post # 3 by thorleifc
Aug 12, 2017
use the forum search function, read the sticky posts and understand the basics and what magick can and cant do.

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