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Post # 1 by chazhaz108
Aug 09, 2017
yesterday i made a post asking for a feminizing spell
and am still looking for help or anyone to cast it

but i'v come across an issue that has put me at my limit
the people who offered asked for payment to get the materials
i understand why, i just cant afford to ask someone's help
if they ask for money and leave empty handed

so if you want to help, don't offer if you don't want to waist your time, i'm broke, nothing more, nothing less,
i know its possible and i still wont believe everything is impossible, i just have to find the right person

if you want to help post here or mail me, i'm all ears
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Post # 2 by Hundredeyes
Aug 09, 2017
This kind of magic is possible, though potentially not in the way you'd imagine. It's perfectly possible to alter the hormones produced by the brain, this means you could meditate to produce more estrogen.
When someone says a ritual is ''impossible'' they're basically saying it's impossible for 99.9% of casters and that 0.1% are good enough to not need to ask.
I'd advise against hiring someone. Even if they are legitimate, you'll gain far more from practicing until you can do it yourself.
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Post # 3 by Nekoshema
Aug 09, 2017
you're going to hate me but physically no spell will make you the other gender. that's just not how magick works regardless of how much you believe. you could theoretically cast things like glamour and beauty spells to appear more feminine, as well as you can live your life as a female, and focusing more on the feminine energies. [but biologically, you won't wake up with the female anatomy one morning without the use of gender reassignment surgery] i would also look into wealth spells to help you find the money needed [possibly healing spells to help you find doctors to help you as well] but that's about it. i wish you luck in attaining your goal.
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Post # 4 by Alarion
Aug 12, 2017
Sometimes we are not happy with what Nature gives us. But time passes and in most cases we realize that Nature was right.

It depends on what you want. If you want to increase feminine energy in yourself, I'd advice working with Moon Goddess and filling yourself with Her powers and energy.

If you want more radical approach, it is something that you might regret some years later. However, such change isn't easily reversible, so perhaps your current financial situation is a good sign to simply take a break and to try accepting yourself as you are. I know several people who went through the change, and they weren't happy at all.
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