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Post # 1 by DomesticPrin
Jul 09, 2017

This type of Astrology is based on the belief of reincarnation. This type of Astrology is by the Indian belief system of Karma with the Western Astrology signs. This is a New Age practice or at least my studies have come up with.

So based on your Zodiac sign is what your Karma is said about your past and your current problem. This is just a breif introduction for each of the twelve signs.


In their past they are said to be the type of person who failed to consider the needs of others. The chalenge for this life time is self-awareness without self- absorption.


This persons past is said to have issues with letting go of material objects as it gave them a sense of security. The goal for your life if this is your Zodiac sign is learn to let go and find inner security within yourself.


This one is kind of dark. Your past life is said to be of untruths, lies, betrayels and much of that on that line of things. The goal for this life is to remain true with what you do, believe, and say. Gossip could be your down fall.


So if you are a Cancer your past life issue is due to emotional burdens.. such as a death that was tragic to you or a relationship that ended. This has caused you with a lot of burden and guilt. This life it is said that you should learn to gain support from others emotional and not close yourself from everyone.


For those of the Leo sign your past you were unbending and used your power over others. This life learn to empower yourself and not over others.

So what does this have to with with you? Well it is new age... So you can take it as a grain of salt. I do, honestly. I do. But when I tell people what there Karmic Astrology is they agree. So I thought I would share with you all.

Information from the following

The Astrology Bible -Judy Hall

And the internet off of the search of Dane Rudhyar

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Post # 2 by AriesCanan
Jul 31, 2017
Cool insight, thanks for sharing! :D
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Post # 3 by Alarion
Aug 12, 2017
I'd also add about Rahu and Ketu in your natal chart.
Position of Rahu shows what you need to aim at to realize your goal for the current life.
Position of Ketu shows what kind of ''luggage'' you have with yourself from previous life.
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