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Post # 1 by WonderBoy
Aug 12, 2017

i need some relationship help; i want my ex back but she doesnt want anything to do with me I think. I just cant get her out of my mind and i feel kind of lonely being single so i was wondering if theres spells that can draw her back to me? Maybe even just as a friend because i liked having her in my life. I need some kind of magic help because im not very good at casting spells. I dont know what my options are tho

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Post # 2 by Allyson101
Aug 13, 2017

Most people i think would say that if she doesnt want anything to do with you maybe you should leave her alone? You cant just force someone to be your friend or to love you and i think its kind of selfish.

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Post # 3 by Hundredeyes
Aug 13, 2017
You could create a link to force her to love you. I usually take an object that I ascoiate strongly with the person. A letter or card, that they gave you, would be ideal.
You'll want to cast your love spell upon the item, taking care to link it to her.
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Post # 4 by WarringSoul
Aug 14, 2017
Wonderboy; I suggest you get yourself together before you remotely consider associating with her. Gods, this sounds like my own situation, but you know I have gotten some of the best advice from some pretty awesome people.

Move on and better yourself. Do not be inconsiderate and if you truly cared about her and not just the idea of her you would respect her wishes.

Grab some confidence and take this situation and learn from it from your mistakes. As my drill Sergeant once said to me; ''Fix your life. This is why you came here because obviously your other options weren't working for you.''

I know nobody likes to hear the truth. Though, if you can really take a step back and analyze the entire situation, I bet you'll have an epiphany.

Do as you will with the advice given unto you, but I strongly do not recommend forcing or influencing something that really didn't work out.

''Sometimes goodbye is a second chance'' - Shinedown.

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