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Post # 1 by Gossamer
Oct 11, 2017
Was wondering if someone felt up to doing a reading for me about a situation with a ''friend'' of mine lol. I don't trust the accuracy of the automated ones when asking about someone else.

If so please shoot me a message via the mail. Not something I wish to discuss publicly.

Also what are people's opinions on doing readings for yourself in regards to matters of the heart, or anything you are emotionally invested in?

I personally feel it is better to get anothers view of it. I find that general readings, advice and readings about others come out ok. But the imagery is less clear to me when something that is upsetting or frustrating me.
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Post # 2 by Mz.Kalamity
Oct 14, 2017
Sent you a mail.

Personal emotions tend to cloud everyrhing and can either be a driving force or skew your opinion. Id knly do your own reading id you can be level headed about it
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