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Post # 1 by lottierose1
Oct 12, 2017
I need to understand what this is ,I'd had trouble with local families around 18 years ago then in 2003 one morning one am a group of men were outside my window chanting it wasn't English but didn't sound foreign either,old words maybe,since then I've felt and heard terrible things cruel abusive abuse ,making fun of bad times in my life,I've felt punches kicks,rape,tongues licking me, hair pulled death threats,feeling of hit with hammers etc the worst hands round my neck chocking me,I can sometimes control it ignore it spells I've used on som broke it a little voices went so quite I couldn't here their cruel jibes,but the violence is unbelievable can anyone recognize this magik I saw someone moving her fingers oddly about two years ago some of the voices I recognize a lot I do not
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Post # 2 by prsona
Oct 12, 2017
Firstly, punctuation and use of separate (complete, if possible) sentences will make your posts easier to read. A wall of text with commas randomly sprinkled throughout is a very difficult slog.

I have no clue what tradition those folks may be following, as there are so many which could possibly go stand in someone's yard and chant at them. But that sounds more like a scare tactic than anything else.

My advice will be the same for everyone else who thinks someone else is using some magic against them: Stop believing it. You can only be cursed if you believe you are, and often most of the results come from the fear of the potential, rather than from the person who sent the negative energy in the first place. It is why a visible display such as that is so effective: It is psychologically efficient.

Beyond that, I can only suggest to cleanse, banish, and ward/protect. If you do not believe that is enough, contact leadership in whichever tradition you trust to help you. Then believe in the effectiveness, completely.

And stop believing its effects, then stop thinking about it. Giving it space in your thoughts gives it influence.
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