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Post # 1 by noticecaster
Oct 02, 2017
Does anybody have a temporary karma spells? Sorry I have no candles so finding ones is kinda difficult

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Post # 2 by SamanthaT
Oct 03, 2017
Places like Walmart have plain candles with the fancier ones. You can buy tea light candles most places, the are very cheap. Also craft stores would have a big selection. Tea light candles and plain tall candles are usually cheap, and the short round ones the size of a tea light one but a little taller are cheap too. When I say cheap I mean $1
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Post # 3 by Spirit76
Oct 03, 2017
I think there might be a bit of a misunderstanding on your concept of karma;

Karma is an expression of one's history of positive or negative deeds and attitudes in life and, in a traditional sense throughout past lives. In its original form karma was a form of judgement and also spiritual progress where a person evolved forward or regressed backwards depending on their actions in life.

The original interpretations involved any given individual beginning as a lower life form and progressing upward towards human, each life providing experiences and lessons that allow them to learn and grow as an enduring spiritual being. However in life if one was to perform immoral acts or otherwise do evil and harmful things then that would also generate a negative karma that could also propel a person backwards into a lower stage of life. ...Think of it like school where if you flunk out the grade bad enough you don't just get held back but also sent to a previous grade to redo that stage of your education. (This is also where ideas of things like the akashic records come in.)

When at the stage of being able to incarnate as a human, by and large people remain human unless particularly heinous or harmful behaviors occur. The object of the human stage is to reach a balance point of any present good or bad karma by paying out the karmic debts you have developed. IE; experiencing negative events to balance the scales for negative actions you may have done, and likewise to receive positive experiences through repayment of good deeds.

When a person has reached a point of complete balance (IE the 'good' and 'bad' karma has been paid) incarnation becomes in effect optional, where a person may either move forward to an ascended existence, or choose to reincarnate as a master or guru to teach others. These people are deemed to be in a state of Dharma.

In more mainstream adaptations, particularly new-age spiritualism, the ideas of karma have been simplified some, but most of the core principles are still there. In this more modern interpretation movement by-and-large only happens forward, and growth is considered more or less like a series of personal lessons or experiences that provide opportunities to grow in morality, spiritual connection, and knowledge as an enduring being. In this regard there is still the idea of cuase and effect, and reciprocation of your actions and thoughts. but it is a slightly less literal interpretation where stealing someone's bread doesn't mean you will have your bread stolen later, but rather that something else will happen that will create a similar sens of physical and emotional loss.

In modern circles the idea of moving backwards to a lower life-form has also been set aside. Instead it has become more of an idea where in your next life... or even sometimes in the current one, events are set into motion to expose you to the same things you cause- both good and bad.

Where traditional Karma comes across as an idea of punishment or justice, however, the more modern interpretations involve it being a learning experience. Experiencing hardships and challenges to understand the harms that they do, to gain a sense of sympathy support and realization to move beyond the desire to cause those harms. And of course on the flip-side to receive support and positive experiences that also instill experience in the gratification and upliftment one feels when doing positive things.

very long story short, either way you look at it karma is a personal measurement of the consequences to the choices a person makes, good or bad. And it is not something that is tallied and processed, or collected and dismissed so much as it is a basic mechanic of cause and effect. Much like physics where every action has a reaction. There isn't any spell or magical process to 'give' or 'take' karma.

However through meditation and practicing self reflection, awareness, and Mindfulness one can develop a certain level of Self discovery and through it realization and growth. It is a constant lifetime (lifetimes even) process of learning to recognize the influences of karma so they can be learned from, healed through, or released by positive action and voluntarily acting to balance out the scales.
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Post # 4 by User512750
Oct 12, 2017
Have you had a chance to look through some of the spells here on SOM? I put the link to them at the very end for you. There might be ones to fit your situation for karma. As far as a candle goes, you can use a tealight candle, electric candle or even simply draw a picture of one. If YOU SEE a CANDLE in it, IT IS a CANDLE! Use your imagination.
That is the great thing about Magick. Everyone can change things up to fit their needs. There are a lot of younger Practisers on this site who parents do not allow them to use candles in their home so they have to improvise. The spell is still the same, as long as your intent is there.
Check over some of these spells. Amazing references here. Feel free to change them to your needs and there is a lot of power in spells that you make up on your own. It does not even have to rhyme. The power is within you, feel it, release it. Just be sure to keep in mind the power of 3, always! Good luck!
*Blessed BE*

(copy and paste link)

http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/life_spells/re venge_spells/page.html
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