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Post # 1 by User520992
Jan 08, 2018

On january the 31st there will be a blue super moon.

Any spell/ritural suggestions? or what are you doing for it

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Post # 2 by prsona
Jan 08, 2018
I would imagine any rituals appropriate for the full moon, for an eclipse, for a blue moon, or a blood moon (being that the umbra will cause the moon to appear dark red) are doable. But if you are strict about your lunar workings, beware that the moon will be void of course very close to the eclipse, and some people suggest not doing moon-related workings during that time.

The following link can be adjusted for your time zone:
https://www.moontracks.com/void_of_course_moon_dat es.html

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Post # 3 by RubyElysian
Jan 09, 2018
On full moons and especially special ones, if the weather is agreeable I like to gather all my jewelry, ritual tools, crystals and the like and put them on a table outside under the moon energy so I can cleanse and charge them. I usually like to light candles on the table as well if they will stay lit.
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Post # 4 by FlitePhantom
Jan 10, 2018
I find myself cleansing during the full moon and finishing up anything left around my house. I also pray a lot during those times. Once most of my personal items have been put outside I either have a spell planned or I journal. My thing with the full moon is feeling like I want to get back to basics by using little to no electricity and many other modern things for a night.
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