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Post # 1 by Blacktree
Jan 10, 2018
Hi everyone, my name is Victor and i am practitioner of :''Arts'' since i basically know myself since i come from family who is extremely interested in High magic and living the magic like a style of life almost.

I am familiar with the site, and i was here since it started almost, i helped and contributed a lot in those days, and i am glad that some of my texts are still being used and read here (Contributor here), it's good to be back and i will try to help and give as much information i have and can, because it helps me too to step up with everything i know..

If anyone of you need help about some magic issue you guys have let me know freely and i will do my best :)

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Post # 2 by MareQ
Jan 10, 2018
Hi! ;)

welcome to the magic forums, do you know anything in the field of alchemy?
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Post # 3 by Blacktree
Jan 10, 2018
Hi for all additional help you can pm i can give you some basics...it depends what do you wanna achieve with it, its a really high SCIENCE it have rules but ppl today because of default thinking that science is ONLY material world and not spiritual are not merging these things together, once you merge science and spirituality you get true form of the elements which allows you to combine them into something higher, to do this secrets needs to be discovered like special codes, and chants that activate elements, deities that live in them..
When everything is created all substance got name, sigil, spirit, once you know that as a crown of everything ever created you have a right to change and create more...

I would suggest to read basics like :'' Arabian Geber - Summa Perfectionist..
These things are super high stuff and usually takes a lifetime just to scratch a surface of it, today doing alchemy is almost impossible and super expensive, basic stuff you need like mercury, sulfur, gold.. cannot be find in local market like before and i would NOT suggest to anyone messing around with them..
Hope i helped...
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