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Post # 1 by paulo84
Jan 09, 2018
In the survival guide, it says:

'Moderators are members just like everyone else and their actions are just as liable as other members and the same rules still apply to them.'

It also says:

'Do not argue with the moderators over rule enforcement or the quality of Moderation- you will easily find yourself getting gagged for arguing with a moderator.'

Before I start making a serious effort on this site - this seems contradictory?
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Post # 2 by prsona
Jan 09, 2018
Not at all. It does not put the moderators above the rules. They are subject to the same rules as everyone else, and likely a few more rules, which apply to moderators with their added responsibilities.

Arguing with a moderator about whether a rule was broken is a violation of the rules. Violations may result in being gagged.

If a moderator swears, uses excessive stretching, requests personal information (this one is glossed over in a lot of posts, by the way), uses text-speak shorthand, and so-forth, another mod may feel free to gag the offender.
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Post # 3 by Loner94
Jan 09, 2018
You will not get into trouble or your account silenced if you simply follow the site rules.

The moderators are here to ensure the rules are followed and ensure civility is kept on the forum's and the chatter while the administrator is online and away from the site, if you get a warning say your sorry and move on it's a simple as that!
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Post # 4 by paulo84
Jan 10, 2018
Mods can gag other mods??
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Post # 5 by Lark
Jan 10, 2018

If a Moderator breaks the rules they can also be removed from Moderator status by the Site Administrator.. As has been said before, it is expected that Moderators will obey the rules just like anyone else on the site. If they do not there are consequences.

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Post # 6 by Artindark
Jan 10, 2018
Let me first comment on the ''Moderators are members just like everyone else'' part. This is absolutely true. If you check my profile, it very clearly states that I am a member just like most people here. The only difference regarding to membership is seen on the profile pages of people, who are contributors. Same can be observed in the members online tab. I am listed as a member not as a moderator. Lark is listed as a contributor because she is an old member, and she has contributed greatly to the website content.

As moderators we only occupy different position, than the rest of the website's members, and we have different level of authority. We have different position because we carry additional content related tasks. Our lever of authority is different because part of our duties has to do with reinforcing the rules and keeping the chat and the forums civil and pleasant to read and attend for all members (not only for ourselves).In short, we have much more work to complete than everyone else (except the administrator)and we have much more duties and much more rules and guidelines to remember and to abide by. Being a moderator does not mean that one has a free pass to do whatever and whenever, while being free of liability. It is the opposite, we have so much more work and duties and we have to be always mindful about our role here and be fully aware that we represent this website and its values and members.

The rule enforcement role we play automatically requires from us to follow the very same rules that we reinforce. We cannot expect people to not break any rules, if we are giving them the very bad example by breaking them ourselves.

Yes, our actions are liable as any other member. Our actions are liable because we are responsible about them in front of the website administrator. He has the ultimate authority. We are not the ultimate authority. Of course, we also have the moral obligation to be able to answer to other moderators and explain what was the reasoning behind our actions.

I would like to assure everyone that we always have their best interest in mind, and as long as they follow the rules, follow our instructions and remain civil they will be able retain their abilities to communicate. We appreciate seeing active people here, and we would love to have these people around for as long periods of time as possible and as active as possible.
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Post # 7 by Loner94
Jan 11, 2018
Just remember that like art and lark said above even though they are Moderators they are held up with high expectations and will get the same repercussions as any other members/contributors if they violate site rules that are clearly documented on the website

So yes the rules apply to everyone and will enforced to all except Petrarca the Administrator
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Post # 8 by paulo84
Jan 14, 2018
Thank you all, that seems very reasonable.

I will try and make an effort to contribute some. I probably won't be able to soon though.
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