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Post # 1 by Lex02
Jan 11, 2018
It's gonna make 2 spell in a month that a do to help a guy that i love to get through his difficulty and open to love again... but after the first spell nothing seem to have worked because he don't speak to me but do act weirdly when i m around so i thaugh it failed... so i did an other spell that i create on my own...

but after both spell i receive a water drop on me ( and i m inside the ceiling is not leaking every thing is dry around me so there is no way that would have been something usual)

did that ever happen to you or do you have any idea what could it meant?
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Post # 2 by prsona
Jan 11, 2018
Lex, it all depends on your own beliefs. Among some, the sensation is interpreted as specifically being connected to unresolved sorrow, while some simply believe it is a general sign of the presence of a spirit or ghost, so interpret that however you might.

That said, the sensation is known to neuroscience, and is most often simply a misfiring sensory nerve (if there is no physical sign of what caused the sensation, such as a droplet of water from some random condensation from above -- yes, it is possible, even indoors), to being something related to certain neural or chemically going wrong, and suggest that if the sensation persists, or becomes regular, to seek medical attention.
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