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Post # 1 by Eucatopia
Jan 12, 2018

I would like to apologize for my behavior recently.

Someone recently told me that the things that I was saying on SoM forums and on my bio were rude, and disorderly.

For exmple I asked the moderator Lark why we couldnt speak in a certain manner and I was told that it was rude.

Second, I had an opinion on fluff members that may not have been acceptable, I said that I dont believe fluff members should be told that their practice is fake and will never happen, and I still do stand by that statement fully. I also put in my bio that I was starting to not like SoM because of the excessive rules and system. Im sorry for saying those things but in my defense I should be allowed to have an opinion.

Because of these things, I was taken out of my coven Natural Magick

So, Id like to apologize.


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Post # 2 by Loner94
Jan 12, 2018
Apology accepted just remember next time to approach the situation with a different approach.

Can the fluffy members get frustrating at times yes but we must be patient and try and help guide them and point them in the right direction with hopes that they will learn and want to take interest in learning what real magick is.

So apology accepted on my end, I do hope you make a comeback on here and build back up your reputation here.

Best advice if you see a post that bugs you don't reply to it and if you a topic in the chatter that bugs you just wait for the next topic

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Post # 3 by Agiel
Jan 13, 2018

Having an opinion is more than fine, everyone is entitled to that!

The problem was that it wasnt smply sharing an opinion. It was being passive-agressive with the wording. At least thats how It came off.

Saying that experienced members are wrong to not believe in the whole fluff concept, that they are wrong and always will be, also didnt help the case.

As the whole question to the moderator, it wasnt a simple question. It was along the lines of arguing since the words were we should be able to [...] .

I just wanted to clarify everything because I feel theres need to.

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Post # 4 by Eucatopia
Jan 13, 2018

First off, saying what I said to Lark was not an argument just a suggestion, a lot of people on this site make suggestions but Im being critized for it.

Second, I didnt say that their opinion was wrong, and always will be I simply stated that the fluff members shouldnt be told their practice is wrong. Please look back at previous available forums to see proof of that.

Third, maybe I did come off as passive-agressive, and maybe I didnt but that shouldnt be a reason for me to get removed from the coven.

But with that being said, I still apologize.

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Post # 5 by Loner94
Jan 13, 2018
When posting in the public open forum's you are representing that coven as a whole.

Second arguing about being removed from a coven in the public eye isn't a good idea.

Third Calling out a moderator isn't the best way of voicing yourself,

Also lark is a very sweet and kind lady
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Post # 6 by Eucatopia
Jan 13, 2018


Thank you for accepting my apology!

Il make sure to take your advice, not trying to get into more trouble than I already am.

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