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Mind Of A Frog
''Bind'' Skill
1825 English Love Spell
3 Quick Spells to Bind Someone
A Binding Spell
A Curse From Loki
a god spell
A Guide To Increasing Elemental Magic
A love spell in nature
A Potion to Bind Powers
A Prayer For House Blessing
A Simple Binding Ritual
A Tarot Spell to Increase Psychic Visions
A Tracking spell
Al Qawlu Qawlu Sawarim
Alleviate Ones Heart's Desire
Already Lovers Spell
Amanus Omnipotentia
An Introduction
Angel Spell
Anger Binding
Anger Revenge Spell
Animal Friendship
Apparition Binding Spell
Arrow Love
Ashes To Ashes
Ask Them Out, Stay With Them
Astral Binding
Astral Binding
Attraction Perfume
Attraction Spell
Awakening a ''Link''
Awakening Your Spirit
Banish Bad Energy
Banish Bad Luck
Banish Someone You Hate
Banish them All
Banishing a Negative Spirit (powerful)
Banishing A Person
Banishing Incense
Banishing Souls
Banishing Spell to Stop Harm
Basic Energy Storing
Be a Love Magnet
Be a Witch
Become a White Witch
Become More Negative
Become Witch/Warlock
Becoming a Druid
Becoming One with the Shadows
Begone Now
Bell Witch Curse
Bind a Mortal From Doing Harm
Bind a Person
Bind a Person Away From You
Bind a Wind
Bind an Enemy
Bind an Ungrateful Lovers Sex Drive
Bind Anger
Bind Bullies
Bind Evil
Bind Lovers Together
Bind Someone Annoying
Bind The Evil
Binding 101
Binding a Demon or Spirit
Binding a Familiar
Binding a Harmful Person
Binding A Witch's Magic
Binding an Undead
Binding by Fear
Binding Chant
Binding Doll
Binding from Harm
Binding O f The Elements
Binding of Lovers
Binding Sex
Binding Someone From Harm
Binding someone to Bad Things
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Binding Spell No.2
Binding spell of witches
Binding the 4th horseman of the Apocalypse
Binding the Old Love
Binding Yourself to Another Soul
black arts DEATH WISH CURSE: dawn_101
Bless a Tree
Blocking Spell
Blood Control
Blood ring
Blood Siblings Bond
Blood Star
Bound in Ice
Bound your Circle
Branch of Sin
Break a Bond
Break Illuminati's curse
Break up Candle Spell
Breaking the Hold Someone has Over You
Bring forth the Dark Goddess
Bring Life
Burn in Hell
Call Forth the Dead
Calling of Dark art Offense
Candle Binding
Candle blessing
Cat and Own Bond Spell
Cat Familiar
Caught You In My Web
Chain Binding
Change Eye Color Spell
Chant of Banishing
Charm to Bind Enemy
Classical Resurrect
Come Back
Come Back To Me
Comic Book Adventure
Commitment Spell
Communicate With Animals
Complete Banishing ritual
Complex love spell
Concept Sympathetic magic
Conjuration of the First Gate's Guardian
Conjuring Raw Energy
Connect Thoughts
Connect with an Element
Control Someone's Emotions and Mind
Control The 7 Seas
Control the Wind
Cord Banishing
Coven spell
Create a Godform Spell
Crossroads Spell
Cut of tongue
Daily Ritual To Ease Depression
Dark Interprise
Death by Ice
Dedicate yourself to Satan
Demon Favor
Demonic Fusion
Demonic Runes
Disable a Machine
Djinn from Lilith
Down to the World of Hate
Draconic Power
Dragonic Abilities
Duality Charm
Earth Energy Linking
Element Pact
Elemental Binding/Obsession Spell
Elemental Blood Bind
Elemental Chain Binding
Elemental Protection
Elemental Shield
Embodiment of a Random Sin
Embrace the Shadows
Empower Your Wand
Enchant a Laser Pen
Enchanting Book of Shadows
Energy Binding
Energy from the Universe Spell
Energy Potion Spell
Eternal Binding
Everlasting Bloody ring bond
Evil Eye Binding
Evil Eye Curse
Evil to Good
Find Someone's Element
Finding Your Element
Fire Binding Spell
Focus Energy Into an Item
Forever and Ever
Forever Binding
Freeze Out
Friendship Spell
Frozen in Time
Full Moon Binding Latin
Full Moon Candle Charge
Full Moon Candle Charge
Full Moon Protection
Full Moon Spell for Secrets
Fuse magic energy with lyrics
Fused Oil
garlic bane
General Charge
Generic Binding Spell
Genral Binding Spell
Get a Water Tiger Companion
Get Another to Agree
Get Rid of an Enemy
Get Rid of Someone
Get Rid of Unwanted Guests
Get the Love you Want
Get your Lover
Getting a Familiar
Gift of Nature
Go Into A Doll's Body
Goofer Dust
Harleen's Apple Binding spell
Hecate's Binding
Hecate's Promise
Hex to bring... ''Discord and Darkness''!
Hex to Chaos
How to become a Babai
How to Bind Someone in Friendship
How To Bind Someone To You
How To Connect To Your Familiar/Pet
How to Orbit
How to Set Up an Altar
How To Steal A Soul For Profit or Trading
How to summon a spirit dragon
How to Tell if a Wand Will ''Obey You''
Ice Binding
Incapacitation Ash
Incognito online spell
Increase Magic Power
Incubus SexFriend
Incubus/Succubus Sex Friend
Infinte Love
Initiation into a coven ritual-IMPORTANT TO JOIN A COVEN
Instant Bound
Invocation to Lucifer
Invoke the Power of Three
Javna Vanquishing Spell
Knot a Spell
Knowledge Absorption
Latin Necromancy Spell
Life of Fear
Light Demonic Blessing
Linking spell
Lock a Door
Lost Door
Love Azula
Love Binding
Love Binding
Love Binding Potion
Love Binding Spell
Love Binding Spell
Love Eternus
Love Me
Love Me
Love Slave
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell #2
Lunar Magick
Magic Herbs
Magick Black Cord Binding
Magick Book Blessing
Make a Wand
Make an Imp Friend
Make Her Mine
Make Someone Leave You Alone
Make Someone Think of you Nonstop
Make Two Enemies Fall in Love
Make you lover like you back
Mana Potion
Managing Negative Habits
Mending of Heckingson
Mermory Loss
Mind Control
Mind Searching
Mine All Mine
Minor Binding
Mirror Banishing
Mirror Binding
Mirror Trap
Misfortune Jar Spell For Those Who Have Caused You Pain (Physical or Emotional)
Monthly Spell Binder
Mood Transfiguration Spell.
Mute Silence Spell.
My info Regarding Soulmates
Mystic SilverThread's Dark Cauldron
Nation Sack
Necromancers Fury
Negativity Away
New Home Blessing
Nightmare Illusion
Object Binding
Of Me You Will Think
Onyx Encasement
Opening of the ''First Gate of Madness''
Paint the Mirrors Black
Parent Kindness Potion
Patron Charm
Peaceful Meditation
Personal Power Crystal
Plagued Dreams
Poppet Magick (Return to Me)
Possess An Enemy
Prayer to Protect from Interference from Dark Force
Prayer to St. Anthony
Problems from People
Protect a Friend
Protect Your True Love
Protection Candle
Psi Energy Finale
Put Feelings in a Container
Quick Banishing
Quicksand Protection Bottle
Relaxation Spell
Remove spiritual seal
Repel Spite, Gossip or Psychic Attack
Repulsion spell
Resolving Unfair Treatment
Return to Sender
Rid Fears
Rid One of Thy Siblings
Rid yourself of a Bothersome Spirit
Rumor Eraser Chant
Runic Attuning
Runic Love Spell
Sachiko Forever After
Sanguis Circle
school spell
Seal of Protection
Sealing and Protection
Sealing Using a Pendulum
Secrecy Spell
See Spirits
Seperate a Witch from her Power
Seven Circle Summoning
Shadow Magic
Shadows Blessing
Shamanic Spell/Ritual of Protection
Shape Shifters Killing
Sheilding your Book of Shadows
Shut Up
Shut Ya Mouth!
Sick by Orange
Silence a Room
Silent Hill Dream
Simple Bind Spell
Simple Binding
Simple Candle Binding Spell
Sirens Voice
Sisterhood Bonding
Skyclad Spell
Sleep Wishing
Sleepy Voodoo
Snake Familiar Spell
Someone Special: Garlic Charm
Sorrow to Happiness
Soul Binding
Soul Door
Soul Link
Soul Prison
soul transfer spell
Soul Trap
Spell Bind
Spell Bind
Spell Bind (Blood)
Spell Binder
Spell Binding
Spell of Binding
Spell to Bind a Person
Spell to Bind a Person
Spell to Bind Someone Dangerous
Spell to Bind the Lover of our Desire
Spell to make your Husband Loyal
Spirit Bind
Spirit guide
Spiteful Binding
Spiteful Binding Spell
Split your Soul
Starting a New
Stay Away
Steal his Heart
Stop a Lie
Summon a Bound Twin Soul
Summon a Demon
Summon Lucifer Ritual (REAL!)
Summoning Jinn
Summoning of Dead Souls
Suppress Memories
Sweet Kitty Spell
Switch Bodies With Any Girl
Switch Body Spell
Take over Astral Projection
Taming Familiar
Tears of Vengence
Teleport to Any Place
The 13th Night Binding Spell
The Binding of Azazel
The Binding Spell
The Binding, and Banishing, of over-powered eldritch monstrosities
The Bitter Sweet Curse
The Circle Binding Ceremony
The Lemon Curse
The Perfect Companion
The Posiedon Effect
The Rose Spell
The Spell of Revelation
The Three
The Vortex of Magdalene.
Think of Me
Thorny-Rose Charm
Three Fold
Three Times Three Spell
Through the Outdoors
Time Loop Curse
To Banish a Demon
to become a satonist.
To Bind
To Bind Powers
To Bind Someone From Doing Harm To You
To Bond with an Object
To Feel Nature
To Freeze Someone
To my side.
To Rid Yourself of an Unwanted- Admirer
To Stop someone from Doing Harm
Together Forever
Trading Places
Transmutate Vitae
Trap a Ghost
Trap A Spirit
Trap a Spirit
Trap someone in a Mirror
Trap your Enemies
Traversal of the Dead gates
Tree Spirit
Turn into a Dog
Turn someone else into something
Ultra Deluxe Banishing Powder
Unbinding Spell
Unbreakable Shell Spell
Undo Spell
Unlock a lock spell
Vampire Blood Potion
vampire spell works i got it from my demon freindAKA(lucifer)and yes i talk to him
Veil of Shadows
Very Powerful Blood Curse
Voice of Siren Spell
Voodoo Break Up Spell; Minimalist style
Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Doll for Advanced Witches
Voodoo Love Doll
Warning (Latin)
Wedding Candles
Werewolf Spell
Werewolf spell Ancient Sorcery
When You Feel Threatened
White Magic Binding
White Werewolf
Wind Bound
Wish spell
Witch Bottle for Protection
Witch Light
Witch Spell
Witches Hand Shake
Witches Pet (Kitten)
Wizards Potion
You Messed with a Witch
Yule Ritual
Zeus Binding
Zogrist Spell


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