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Call a Lost Sister
24-Hour Good Luck
2D to 3D
3 am ritual
A Belladonna Bottle
A portal to underworld
A protection against hellish creatures
A Spell To Call Hecate To Aid Your Magick
a spell to make a wish come true
A Tracking spell
Absorb Powers
Acoda's Easy Lighting Spell
Acoda's Luck Chant
Acoda's Luck Charm
Acoda's Money Spell
Acoda's Rain Spell
Against Gossip
All Hallows Eve
Amazing Bubble Potion
An Easy Scrying Mirror
Ancient Latin Dark Empowerment
Angel Summoning
Animal Summon
Anubis Scrying
Ariel Kannie Hastega
Army of Zombies
Arrow spell
Astral Projection
Astral Realm Creation
Athame Vengeance Elixir
Aura Blade
Aura Bow
Aura of Clarent
Aura Sword/blade
Awaken a Spirit
Awaken Lost Power
Awaken something Hidden Inside
Awakening Spell
Back Off
Balance the Elements
Banish a Spirit from Returning to Life
Basic Circle Magick casting
Basic Color Magick and Color Corresponences
Basic Necromantic Meditation
Basic Pryokinesis
Basic Ritual Call
Basic Search Spell
Bast Protection II
Be Able to Hear and See Spirits
Be Friends with Someone
Beauty Be Mine
Become a Black Wizard
Become a Certain Animal
Become A Nymph
Become a Wizard
Become Bound to Hecate
Become HALF Demon!
Become Magical
Become Magical
Become Part Demon
Become Powerful in Magic
Beginner Blood
Bind Lovers
Binding of Shadows
Birthday Wish
black arts DEATH WISH CURSE: dawn_101
Black Curse
Black Magic
Black Mirror
Black Mirror
Blessing to the Pagan Gods and Goddess
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
Bond with the Ice/Cryokinesis
Bond With the Shadows
Breathing Smoke
Bring a Storm
Bring Back An Ex
Bring forth the Dark Goddess
Bring Forth the Rain Incantation
Bring Home a Relative
Bring Out the Sun
Bring something to life
Bubble Money
By the Witches
Call a Demon
Call a Spirit
Call a Spirit from Mirror
Call A Storm
Call a Storm
Call for Rain
Call Forth a Shadow of Protection
Call Forth the Dead
Call Ghost
Call of the Haunted
Call of the Moondragon
Call on Celestial Aid
Call the demon Balfazor
Call the Storm Clouds
Call the Wind
Call the Wind
Call To The Elements
Call your Deity
Call/Declare Familiar
Calling A Gale
Calling on the Elements
Calling the Light
Calling upon Bossou
Calling Upon the Volva
Calling your spirit guide
Candle Magic
Candle Magic
Cast a Circle
Casting a circle
Casting a Circle
Casting and Closing a Magic Circle
Cat Familiar
Cat Help
Cause a Storm
Celtic Fairy Caller
Change Clothes Instantly
Change Eye Color Spell
Change Into Any Animal
Change your Clothes
Channeling A Deva
Charge a Wand
Charm for Inspiration
Choose Deities
Choose your Guardian Demon
Circle Casting
Clairvoyance Spell
Cleansing Ritual
Cloak of Ages
Companion Wolf
Conjuration of a Zombie
Conjuration of Baal
Conjuration of Lucifer
Conjuration of Nicksa
Conjuration of the Black Hounds
Conjuration of the First Gate's Guardian
Conjuration of Zombie
Conjure a Demon
Conjure Archangel Ariel
Conjure Spirits
Conjure the Grim Reaper
Conjure the Rain
Conjuring a Spirit
Conjuring Cash
Conjuring Raw Energy
Conjuring Raw Energy
Conjuring Satan
Conjuring the archangel Azrael
Conjuring the Mermaid Within You
Conjuring Winds
Connect With Someone Over A Distance
Contact a Deceased Loved One
Contact a God
Contact the Dead
Contact the Dead
Control Over Your Wolf Side
Control the Elements
Control the Spirit of the Phoenix
Control the Wind
Control the Winds
Cosmic Alignment
Create a dark servitor
Create a Fairy
Create A Friend Familiar
Create a Planet
Create A Powerful Wand
Create a Psi Ball
Create a Servitor
Create a servitor/minion
Create a Spirit Animal
Create a Storm
Create an Angelic Servant
Create Your Own Dragon
Create Your Own Plane Of Existence
Creating Fairy Magic
Creature Spawn
Crystal Empowering
Dark Blessing
Dark Lady Chant
Dark Mother Invocation/Summoning Spell
Death Fog Chant
Death Upon You
Deathly Things
deaths touch
Dedicate Yourself to Lucifer
Dedication to Satan
Defeating the Darkness
Defiling the Gates of Pain
Demon Blood Summon
Demon Conjuring
Demon Favor
Demon or Ghost Summoning
Demon Possess a Friend
Demon Reveal Chant
Demon Summoning
Demonic Fusion
Demonic Runes
Disappearing Spell
Discord and Darkness
Disguise Spell
Dismissal of the Spirit
Djinn from Lilith
Djinn Summoning
Djinn Summoning
Dominus Trinus
Dragon Awakening
Dragon Egg
Dragon Human
Dragon Summoner
Dragon Traits
Dragon Transfer
Dragon's Blessing
Draw Wicca Closer
Drawing Down the Moon Ritual
Drawing the Moon Ritual
Dream Hopper
Dream Spell
Easy Rain Spell
Easy Servitor
Element Invoking
Element Summon
Elemental Servitors
Empower Your Wand
Energy Balls
energy battle magic
Energy from the Universe Spell
Energy Potion Spell
Energy Summoning Spell
Evening Chant to the God
Evening Chant to the Goddess
Evocation of Azathoth
Evoke a Spirit/Demon/God
Exorcism/ Exorcizamus
Eye of God
Eye to the Past
Faery Sight Oil
Faery Sugar
Fairy Charm
Fairy Invitation
Fairy Wings
Familair ThoughtForm
Familiar Dream
Fauces Necomancia
Female giant
Find a Suitable Pumpkin for You
Find Lost Objects
Find What Is Lost
Finding Deities Spell
Finding Forbidden Magic
Finding Lost Items
Finding Your Guardian Angels Name
Fire Conjuring
Fire element wish spell
Fire God Conjuration
Fire in Water
Fire Well Wish
Flame Song
flame song,
Flaming Ki Ball
Flying Ointment
Flying Spell
For Contacting a Friend
forcibly summoning Lucifer
Freya's Help
Full Moon Spell
General Invocation
Get a Demon Inside Your Heart
Get a Demon Teacher
Get a Familiar
Get a Guardian Character
Get a Pet Dragon
Get a Water Tiger Companion
get possessed spell
Get Superhero Powers
Get the powers of an achroite
Get the powers of an amethyst
Get what you want
Give a newborn a Demonic Soul
Give Up Powers
Go to the World of Touhou
Good Luck
good luck spell
good luck spell
Goofer Dust Jack Ball Hex
Great Money
Grow Wings
Growing Appendages
Guardian Angel Spell
Half Demon With Blue Flames
Healing Spell of Raphael
Heavy rain and wind summoning spell. It really works.
Heid Prophecy Rite
Helheim Travels
Hell Meassage
Hex to bring... ''Discord and Darkness''!
Hidden Path
High Seat Rite
Hobgoblin be Gone
House Demon
House of Magus Meditation
House Protection
How to be Slenderman Proxy
How to become a Satan Worshipper
How to Conjure Weapons
How To Create An Energy Ball
how to detect if youa re a vampire, wizard/witch, or a werewolf
How to Fly on Command While Dreaming
How to Gain Psychic Abilities
how to go to the astral world
how to know your spirtuirtal name
How to Make Eternal Fire
how to make your own iadian 1
how to make your own iadian 1 (Important info)
How to Phantom Shift
How to Repent
How to See Auras
How to Set Up an Altar
How to summon Eyeless Jack
How to summon the spirit Drossel Keinz( remade)
how to teleport using white magick
How To Write A Spell
hoy to make the illumnatian become your freind
Hyena familiar
iadian creation technique # 1(works)
Ice Ball Spell
Ice Powers
Ice Powers
Idea for You
Illusion of Fire
Illusive Distraction Spell
Incantation for Conjuring the Spirits of the Night
Increase Your Will Power
Indian Serenity Prayer
Ink Monster
Invite Aphrodite
Invite Nyx Greek Goddess of Night
Inviting the Gods To Dinner
Invocation of Satan
Invocation of the Elements
Invocation to Hecate
Invocation to Mother Earth/ Goddes/ Gia
Invoke Apollo
Invoke the Element Water
Invoke The Norse Gods
Invoking a Deity
Invoking Spade
Invoking the Flames of Hades
Invoking the Flames of Hades
Job Landing conjure bag
Kekkaishi spell
Latin Wind
Lepis americanus (Rabbit)
Lessen an Oncoming Storm
Lesser Invocation to Paeftzeria Bonoceref
Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
Lesser Ward Spell
Let the voice come out
Level I Shadow Circle
Lightning Psi Ball
Living Shield Spell
Lost Soul
Love Chant
Love Spell
Lover Call Me
Lucifer's Touch
Luck Gris Gris Bag
Luck spell
Magic Arrow
Magic Unleashed
Magick Circle
Magick Circle Casting
Magick Mirror Of Spirit Summoning
Make a doll come to life instantly
Make a Familiar
Make a Psi-Ball
Make a Spell
Make a Wand
Make an Earthquake
Make an Imp Friend
Make consecrated (blessed) water
Make it Snow
Make it Snow
Make it Snow (Possible Blizzard)
Make Someone Dream of You
Make Someone Go To Hell
Make the Rain Come
Make Things Invisible
Make Your Own Crystal
Make Your Pet A Familiar
Mana Reaver
Mantra and Prayers of Guru Rinpoche
Materialization Potion
Meet a Fictional Character
Meet your fairy! *WORKS*
Meet Your Spirit Guide
Meet Your Spirit Guide
Minds Eye
Miracle Come to Me
Mirror Magic
Misc Moon Magic
Misty Winds
Money Shaker
Moon Blessing Potion
Moon Scroll
Mother Nature
Mr. Right
Multi-Candle Lychnomancy Divination
My Family the World
My Little Pony
My Little Pony
My spell to Conjureing
Nature Circle
Necromancy potion
Negative Energy Summon
Night Vision
Not a Sunny Day
Ode to the Vampire Mother
Open a Hell Gate
Open Storage Rift
Open the Third Eye
Open/Close a Beast Gate
Opening a Circle
Opening of the ''First Gate of Madness''
Orb of Piercing Light
Overnight Merman
Perfect Attraction
Permissioned for Spirits or Ghost
Piercing The Veil
Pokemon Spells
Pokémon Summoning, or ''Voco Unis Pokémon''
Popularity Spell
Potion of protection
Power Beyond
Power Inscence
Power of the witches
Power Ring
Power Summoning Ritual
Power Summoning Spell
Power Water
Powerful Elements
Powerful Ward
Pregnancy Spell
Prevent Biting and Barking
Projectile spell
Projectile spell
Projectile spell
Protect Me Completely
Protezione degli Angeli
Psi Ball
Psi Ball
Psyclone Summon
Putting Out A Flame
Queen of Vampires
Question the Witch
Quick Elemental Strike
Rain coming
Rain Spell
Rain to Shine
Rain without Clouds
Raise the dead
Raising the Undead
Real Life ''Gaster Blaster''
Real Life Silent Movie
Realm Connection
Realm Creation
Reams of Money
Reanimate Dead
Relaxation Spell
Release The Inner You Spell
Reliquish Physical Pain
Relive a Book you just Read
Relm Creation
Ressurection Meditation
Rest n peace venue of the dead
Reveal or hear spirits
Revenge on your Ex Spell
Revenge On Your Shadows
Revenge spell
Reverse spell for becoming a god/goddess
Rid One of Thy Siblings
Ritual to Call the Lunar Dragon
Roses to Attract Fairies
Sacred Stone/ Leaf
Sacrifice unto Pharaohs
Sahia Air Manifestations
Sahia Water Manifestations
Sand to water spellArietis
Satanic Wish
Scarecrow charm
Scrying Spell
See Bloody Mary
See Spirits
See the Believeworld
See the Dead Spell
Seidhr Conjuring
Selling Your Soul
Shadow Circle
Shadow Land Wind
Shadow Protection
Shape Shifter
Shapeshifting Potion
Shifting in Water
Shot glass circle casting
Slap in the Face Spell
Slime Fireball
smart spell
Snake Familiar Spell
Snow Prayer
Snow Storm Spell
Snowy day
Soul Cleansing
Soundproof a Room
Speak to the Dead
Spell Of Summon Greed
Spell to Bind the Lover of our Desire
Spell to Bring Spirits
Spell to Invoke Water
Spell to Obtain Money
Spinica Cloaking
Spirit Calling
Spirit Conjure
Spirit Dream
Spirit Summoning
Spirit Summoning Ritual Using Mirrors
Spirit Summons
Spirit Sword
Start A Good Rumor About Yourself
Stir Your Inner Darkness
Stone Attraction Spell
Stop the Rain
Storm of Purifying Rain
Storm spell
Strengthen Wind
Summon a Book Character
Summon a Bus
Summon a Cat Familiar
Summon a Cat Familiar
Summon a Custom Dog
Summon A Demon
summon a demon
Summon a Demon
Summon a Demon
Summon a Demon Helper
Summon a Demon; Make a Pact
Summon a Faery
Summon a Fire Golem
Summon a Freshwater Nymph
Summon a Genie
Summon a God
Summon a God or Goddess
Summon a Goo
Summon a Guardian Angel
Summon a Lare
Summon a mermaid
Summon a Night Spirit
Summon a Pokemon
Summon a Snow Storm
Summon a Spirit
Summon a spirit
Summon a Spirit
Summon a Spirit Dragon
Summon a Spirit Familiar
Summon a Spirit Minotaur
Summon a Spirit of a Loved One
Summon a Spirit Servitor
Summon a Succbus or Inccubus
Summon a Succubus
Summon a Vampire
Summon a Watcher
Summon a Werewolf or Vampire
Summon a Wind Spirit
Summon an Angel
Summon an Angel
Summon an Animal Companion
Summon an Incubus
Summon any God or Goddess
Summon Axolotl
Summon Big Face
Summon Bloody Mary
Summon Demon
Summon Demonic Friends
Summon Devils Trident
Summon Flame Snake
Summon Future Self
Summon Hamas
Summon Ice wolf
Summon Impling Familiar
Summon Israeli Defense Forces
Summon Lucifer
Summon Marie
Summon Nature Guardian
Summon of the Elementals
Summon or Stop a Storm
Summon Shadow Power
Summon Sleep Fairy
Summon Smile Dog
Summon Spirit
Summon Spirits
Summon Spirits
Summon the Boogie Man
Summon the Cyberdemon
Summon the Grim Reaper
Summon The Grinning Cat
Summon the Halliwell Matriarchs
Summon the Red Faced Man
Summon the Spirits
Summon the Wiccan Devil
Summon Waves
Summon your demon within
Summon your Guardian Demon
Summon Your Own Elemental Wolf
Summon Your Spirit Weapon(s)
Summoning a Sexual Spirit
Summoning Family Witches
Summoning Jinn
Summoning Magic Items
Summoning of Dead Souls
Summoning of the Devil
Summoning of the First Abyssal Lord
Summoning Phoenix
Summoning spell
Summoning Spell
Summoning Spirit Guide
Summoning Spirits
Summoning Tips
Summoning Tips
Summoning Voice of the Shadows
Summons Saint Micheal's Sword
Sun Light Spear
Sunny Day Spell
Supernatural Slayer
The 11 Faced Avalokitesvara Heart Dharani Sutra
the call of darkness
The Calling
The Chant Of Enchantment
The Conjuration of Archangel Azrael
The Conjuration of Archangel Cassiel
The Conjuration of Archangel Chamuel
The Conjuration of Archangel Gabriel
the door game
The Ethereal Sword
The Four Elements
The Gaurdian Charm
The Heart Sutra
The Judgment Day
The Kings Spirit
The Living Undead
The Loud House personality spell
The Opening of the Mouth
The Perfect Companion II
The Power of the Four Gods
the ravens wings
The Star Brand
The Witch's Call
Third Eye Ritual
Thunder Skies
Thunder Spell
Thunder Spell
To Attract Pixies
To Banish a Demon
To Bind Powers
To Bless a Familiar
To Call a Spirit
To Call a Storm (Rain, Wind)
To Call a Witch
To Call the Four Winds to Blow
To Call Upon Freyja
To Conjure Up a Lover
To Coverse With A Serpent
To Create Rain
To Extinguish Fire
To Gather Old Magick Ritual
To Get a Demon Teacher
To Invoke a Rune
To Make a Lot of Rain
To Steal A Soul
To Summon A Rainstorm
To Summon A Storm
To Summon Satan
To Summon the Dead
Tree Spirit
Triangle of Solomon
Trouble Becoming a Werewolf?
True Heart Wish
True Wolf
Turn a stone/small Object into a Weapon
Turn someone else into something
turn yourself into another person/poly juice potion
Ultimate Fighter (Demonic)
Umbra lord
Undead Bug
Unicorn Creation
Unleash Your Inner Wolf
Unlock your Dark Aura
Vampire Part 2
Veil of Shadows
Vengeance Spells
Vision Incense
Volva Journey
Wand Making
Warm House Spell
Water Dragon
Water Snake
Wave of Darkness
Weather: Rain
Welcome or Bless a Familiar
Werewolf Shape-Shifting
werewolf spell
Werewolf Wonder
What Will Happen Next
White Magic
Who is haunting me?
Will of The Gods
Wind Ball
Wind Blows
Wind Knots
Wind Spell
Wind Spell
Wind Summon
Wind Summoning
Wind Summoning
Winx Club Spell
Wish Thoughtform
Wish Upon The Moon Spell
Wishful Thinking
Wishing spell
Witch/wizards Handshake
Wolf Night Eye
Wolf Protection
Working with Angles
Your Opponent's Worst Nightmare
Your Own World
~Attract The Faeries Using A Faerie Ring~


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