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Dark Energies
Magick Wand
/Stronger Power Ritual\
13 Goals of a Witch
24-Hour Good Luck
3rd Eye Enhancement
5 Spells in one
A Calling Spell
A Chant Of Invigoration
A Chant to Become More Empathic
A Full Moon
A Guide To Energy Giving
A Guide To Increasing Elemental Magic
A Guide To Simple Palm Reading
A Light Spell
A Potion to Bind Powers
A Simple Dowsing Pendulum
A simple Energy Spell
A simple spell for protection
A spell for inner power
A Spell to Boost Your Energy
A Traveller's Charm/Protection
A Were-Wolf Spell
A+ Psi Wheel
A-Light Spell
A-Z Incense List and Usage
Abilities Spell
Able Spell
Abracadabra Spell- Relieves of Fever
Absorb Energy
Absorbing Magical Energy
Abyys Ball
Achieving Equilibrium
Adding an element to your psi ball
Adult Sleep
Advanced Mindreading
Advanced: Qigong chi 'vampiring'
Advice for Health
Air Bending
Air Cleansing Spell
Air Control Techniques
Air Element Affinity
Air Inspiration
Air Transfer
Akasha's Purification Spell
all power
All Purpose Victory Potion
Altar Incense
Altering energy to the Moon
Amethyst cleansing spell (easy)
Amethyst Healing Oil Spell
Amethyst Strength
Amulet of Energy
An Easy Scrying Mirror
Ancient Chakra Balancing Meditation
Ancient Latin Dark Empowerment
Ancient Powers Rising
Angelic Waves
Anger Management
Anger Management
Anger Relief Tea
Anger Running
Animal Transformation
Anti Anxiety
Anti-Stress Spell
Anubis Eye
Appear in a White Room
Archangel Raphael
Arrow of Energy
Astral Realm Creation
Astral Realm Creation pt. 2
Astral Travel In Your Sleep
Astral Wolf
Astral Wolf Alternate
Aura Beam
Aura Bow
Aura Color Meanings
Aura Finding
Aura Healing
Aura Manipulation
Aura Seeing
Aura Seeing
Aura shield
Aura Sword/blade
Aura Weapons
Auratic Search
Auriel's Circle of Angelic Healing
Avoid Falling While Ice Skating
Awake Heart Chakra
Awaken Lost Power
Awaken the Magic
Awaken Your Inner Dragon
Awaken Your Inner Magic
Awaken Your Inner Wolf Spirit
Awaken your Magic
Awakening The Darkness Within
Awesome Flying/Levitation
Azlene's Sight
Bad Luck Go Away
Bags of Rice
Balance the Elements
Balance the Elements Within
Balance the Elements within You
Balances the Chakras
Balancing your Energies
Banish Depression From A Lover
Banish Evil Spirts and Negitive Energies
Banish Lucifer
Banish Negative Energy Protection Bath
Banish Negativity
Banish spirit
Banishing bad Spirit/Energy
Banishing Jar
Barrier of Light
Barrier Protection
Basic Circle Casting
Basic Circle Casting Part II
Basic Energy
Basic Energy Gathering
Basic Ki Blast
basic magical protection
Basic Meditation
Basic Meditation Guide
Basic Psi Feeds
Basic Wind Manipulation
Basics of Chakra
Bath Spell for Negativity
Be More Happy
Be One With the Tree
Beat the Clock
Beauty Parts of Body
Become a Cat
Become a Crystal Gem From Steven Universe
Become a Drainer
Become a Half God
Become a Mermaid
Become a Necromancer
Become a Spell Master
Become a Super Saiyan
Become a Vampire
Become More Negative
Become part Spirit
Become Powerful in Magic
Become Powerful in Magic
Become Psychic
Becoming Aware Of Your Energy
Becoming In-Touch with the Elements
Before a spell tea
Begining Telekinisis
Beginner Blood
Beginner Ki Techniques
Beginner Ki Techniques 2
Beginner Ki Techniques Part 3
Beginners Energy
Beginners Energy
Beginning Telekinesis
Being a fairy spell
Bending Flames
Bending Spoon
Better Singing Voice
Birds Connection
Black Death
Black Magick Meditation
Black Mana Control
Blade Spirts
Blast your Enemy Away
Bless a Magical Pen
Bless a Magical Pen
Bless A Space
Bless a Tree
Bless Water ( For Power Of Life )
Blessed Bath and Ridding yourself of Bad/Negative Energies
Blessed Bucks
Blessing an Item
Blessing Water with The Power of the Moon
Blocking Empathy
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Spell
Blood Power
Bloody Mary
Blue FIre
Bluen's Power Stealing
Boil and Trouble
Bottle Magic
Bound Scythe
Bowynn 3rd Eye
Bowynn 3rd Eye Chant
Bowynn Anxiety
Breathe In Water
Bring on your werebeast form.
Bring Out the Sun
Bring Travel Spell
Broom Aborbing
Building up Magick Belief
Burning Insence Power Spell
Busy Bee Renewal
Butterfly Wings
Call a Witch's Power
Call Ancestral Entities to Banish Evil
Call Magic Energies
Call of Power
Call the Angels
Call the Elementals for Protection
Call the Elements
Call The Kifune Dragon God Of Water
Call the Wind
Call to the Moon
Calling on the Elements
Calling the Energies
Calm anxiety spell
Calm Down
Calm Spell
Calm your Spirits
Calming Ritual
Calming Spell
Calming spell
Calming Spell
Calming Warmth
Calming/Focusing Chant
Calmness, Memory, and Thinking
Candle Exercise
Candle Magic
Candle Magic
Candle Magick
Candle Power
Candle Wax Scrying
Candle Wick
Candle-Mirror Banishing
Cast a Circle
Cast a Circle
Casting a Circle
Casting a Circle
Casting a Circle
Casting and Closing a Magic Circle
Casting/Closing A Circle
Cat Communication Spell
Cat Fall Asleep
Cat Instincts
Cause and Elemental Fire
Centering Negative Energy
Centring Spell
Chakra Bath
Chakra Healing & Chakra Balancing
Chakra Opening
Chakra Opening Servitor
Chakra Restoring Ring Enchantment
Chakra Water
Change from white to black
Changing Traffic Light Spell
Channel Mana
Channeling Your Magick
Channelling an Animal
Charge a Battery
Charge a crystal
Charge a Crystal Ball.
Charge a Wand
Charge a Wand
Charge a Wand
Charge for Spell work
Charge Your Crystals With the Moon
Charge your device
Charging a Wand
Charging Stones
charka opening
Charm Empowering
Charm for Inspiration
Chi Energy Exercise
Chi Release
Chilling Hand
Christmas Spirit Spell
Circle Casting
Circle Casting Chant
Circle of Protection
Claire Anne Carr Singing
Clairvoyance Potion
Cleaner Enviroment (Only for you)
Cleaning Home Smudge
Cleanse A Room
Cleanse and Charge your Space
Cleanse your Wand
Cleansing a Quartz Crystal
Cleansing Bodily Negative Energy
Cleansing Meditation
Cleansing Negative Energies
Cleansing Negative Energy
Cleansing Ritual
Cleansing Spell
Cleansing Spell TESTED
Cleansing the Aura
Cleansing the Chakras
Cleansing the Spirit
Clear Negative Energy from a Room
Clear Sky Clear Vision
Closokinesis Mouth Energy
Clothing Protection
Cloud Ball
Clumsy Witch
Cold Fire
Color Healing
Colors of Power II
Communicate Gate
Complete Peace
Compressing a Ki Ball
Concealment Spell
Concentration Meditation
Concentration Spell
Conjuring Raw Energy
Conjuring Raw Energy
Conjuring Raw Energy
Conjuring Raw Energy
Connect Yourself to the Sea (A Knot Magic Spell)
Connection and Focus
Consecrate a Room
Consecrate an Amulet
Consecrate an Object
Contact Dead Loved One
Contact the Spirits
Contact your Spiritual guardian
Control air in your Hand
Control an Element
Control an Element
Control an Element
Control an Element
Control Earth
Control Element of Fire
Control Elements
Control Fire
Control Inner Energy
Control Magic Wand
control the sun in seconds spell
Control the Wind
Control Water
Control Youself
Controling the Wind
Controlling Aura Balls
Controlling Water
Cool Off
Cool off any part of your body
Correspondences-Kitchen Witch Herbal
Cosmic Alignment
Courage, Wisdom, and Power
Coven spell
Create a Coven
Create A Friend Familiar
Create a Magic Staff
Create a Planet
Create A Powerful Wand
Create a Psi Ball
Create A PSI Ball
Create a Spell
Create a Spell
Create a Star
Create a Wishing Stone
Create Colloidal Silver
Create Elemental Thought Forms
Create Your Own Angel
Create Your Own Plane Of Existence
Create: Psi Ball
Creating a Psi Tendril
Creating an Energy Stone
Creating Fire Elementals
Creativity Flow
Crystal and Card Cleansing Spell.
Crystal Elixer Oil
Crystal Empowering
Crystal Energy
Crystal Liquid
Crystal Liquid (non toxic)
Crystal Pain Relief
Curse Ball
Curse Book
Curse-breaking With Elements
Daily Devotion to the Elements
Daily Protection
Daily Ritual To Ease Depression
Dark Blessing
Dark Crystal Lightning
Dark Energies
Dark Energies
Dark Grasp
Dark Magic Charge
Darkness Rise
Darkness Spell I
De-Aging Spell
Death Embrace: Nightshade Dance
Delsin Rowe Smoke Power
Demon Blood Potion
Demon or Ghost Summoning
Detect a Changling
Detonating Vail
Develop Aerokinesis
Devotional Ritual for Sigyn
Dice Roll
Different Energies
Dimensional Energy Manipulation
Discover Someone's Inner Self
Disguise Spell
Dispell Negativity
Divide an Object
Don't Get a Strike
Dragon Breath Exercise
Dragon Cash Spell
Dragon Cleansing Spell
Dragon Defense
Dragon Elements
Dragon Empowerment
Dragon Energy Stone
Dragon making
Dragon Mind 1
Dragon Soulmate Attraction
Dragon Spell
Dragon Wisdom Spell
Drain Energy
Drain Your Enemies
Draining ones Life Force
Draw in Energy
Drawing Energy
Drawing in Energy
Drawing in Magickal Energy
Dream Elements
Dream Hopper
Dress/Bless a Candle with Drawing Energy
Earth ball
Earth Element Affinity
Earth Element Powers
Earth Energy Linking
Earth Jump
Earth Power Spell
Earth Rising
Earthen Rage
Earthen Rage
Ease A Headache
ease stomach ache
Ease Stomach Ache
Easier Element Control
Easy Anger Relief
Easy Energy Ball
Easy Good and Bad Luck Charm
Easy Haste
Easy Protection Charm for Beginners
Easy Psi Vamp Feeding
Easy Strength Spell
Effundi Vitam
Electric sparks to the hand
Electric Touch
Electro- Ball
Element Circle
Element finding spell
Elemental energy manipulation
Elemental Meditation
Elemental Protection
Elemental Shield
Elemental Shield
Elemental Soul Charging (SM)
Elf Spell
Emergency Energy Anywhere
Emotion Control
Emotional Influence
Emotional Ripples Of Water
Emotions of a saiyan spell
Enchant a Book With Magic Powers
Enchant an Item Spell
Enchanted Shadow
Enegy ball
Energizing a Quartz Crystal for Future Use
Energizing a Wand Spell
Energy Absorbing
Energy back to Earth
Energy Ball
Energy Ball
Energy Balls
energy battle magic
Energy Binding
Energy Boost
Energy Boost
Energy Booster
Energy Chant
Energy Charge
Energy Connection
Energy Drain
Energy Drain
Energy Element
Energy Exchange
energy exchange spell
Energy Fist
Energy Focus
Energy for Beginners
Energy from the Universe Spell
Energy Fuse
Energy Gain
Energy Gain
Energy Gain Spell
Energy Healing
Energy Healing
Energy is You
Energy Leech
Energy manipulation
Energy Manipulation
Energy Massage
Energy Meditation
Energy Minipulation
Energy of Love and Desire
Energy of the Gods
Energy Poisoning
Energy Potion
Energy Potion
Energy Potion
Energy Programing
Energy Push
Energy Recharge by Heat
Energy Recovery
Energy Refresh
Energy Regain
Energy Renewal
Energy Restoration
Energy Sensing
Energy Source For Meditation
Energy Spell
Energy Spell
Energy spell
Energy spell
Energy spell info for the quick spell
Energy Summoning
Energy Summoning Spell
Energy Transfer
Energy Transfer
Energy Transfer (Object)
Energy Tune
Energy Vampire
Energy Warmth Technique
Energy Wings
Enhance Magical Ability
Enhance Telepathy
Escape the Earth
Essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Right
Euphoric State
Every two heartbeat
EWW: Emma and Jax
Extra Energy
Eye Color
Eye of the Tree
Fairy Spell
fakirism meditation
Fast Book Reading
Fast like the Wind
Faster Plant growth
Fear Manifestation
Fear Me Always
Feed Me
Feeding Through Links
Feel Positive
Feel Someone's Feelings
Fill You With Positive Energies
Find Out If You Have Earth Magic
Find The Answer On A Test (Multiple Choice)
Find Your Element
Find Your Elements
Find your Personal Number
Find your Soul, Inner Travel
Finding your aura
Finding your Element
Finding Your Element
Finding Your Spirit Animal or Totem
Fire Ball
Fire Ball
Fire Ball Chant
Fire Balls
Fire Blast
Fire Claw
Fire Claws
Fire Control
Fire Dragon
Fire Element
Fire Element Affinity
Fire Hands
Fire of Renewal
Fire Powers
Fire Protection
Fire Seeing/Calming
Fire Shielding Spells
Fire Wings
Flame Gate Unlock
Flame Purification
Flames of Darkness
Flaming Arrows (Sagittarius)
Flight and Sight
Fly by Time
Fly In 10 Seconds
Flying Power
Focus Incense
Focus Your Energy
Focus your magic
Focused Mind
Foot Tickling
For Raising Energies
Forcefield from Dark Magic
Forgotten Energies Spell
Forming into Vampire 1
Fortune Cookie
Fotget-full Spell
Four Major Winds
Freeze Aura
Friend's Seal
Friendship Potion and Deactivation
Full Moon Candle Charge
Full Moon Candle Charge
Full Moon Peace
Full Power
Fun Day
Fuse magic energy with lyrics
Gain a Stigma
Gain Animal Attention
Gain Energy
Gain Energy
Gain Energy
Gain Energy from Nature
Gain Power
Gain the Third Eye
Gaining Power
Gather Energy
Gather Pure Energy
Gathering Energy
Gathering Energy
Gemstone/Crystal Elixir
General Charge
Get energy
Get Faster
Get New Power
get possessed spell
Get Powers
Get Rid of Anger
Get Rid of Negative Energy
Get Rid of Trouble
Get Rid of Writer's Block
Give Life and Energy
Gloom Spell
Glossary Terms of the Craft
Go to another World
God 2
God spell(must try)!!
Gods Hands
Good Grades Chant
Good Luck Charm
Good Luck Spell
Good luck Spell
Grant a Wish
Green Light Spell
Grounding and Personal Shielding
Grounding Meditation
Grounding/Well Being
Group Increasing Power
Grow Wings
Grow With Nature Spell
Guardian Angel Spell
Gust of wind
Hag Stone Enhancer
Hand Levitation
Harness the Power of Mochi
Harness your elemental magic
Harnessing your Demi-god Powers
Have More Energy
Hawthorn Berry Conserve
Heal Yourself
Healing Candle Spell
Healing Colors
Healing for aches and pain
Healing for All
Healing Physical Pain
Healing Rain
Healing Restoration Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Through Pure Energy
Healing with Energy
Health (Self)
Hear Secret Thoughts
Heat Spell
Heat Water
Heaven's Thunder and Hell's Fire
Hecate Wish Sacrifice
Hecate's Gift
Help Chant
Helping Fruit Plants
Herbal Health Poppet
Herbal Magic
Herculean Strength
Hermes Magic Ring Enchantment
Holy White Magic Person
Hot and Cold
House Protection
How to Bless a Pen
How to Bless a Wand or Staff
How to Cast a Circle
How to Cast a Spell
How to Clean a Candle.
How to Create a Psi Ball for Beginners
How to drain energy
How to Feel Energy
How to Find Your Element
How to Gain Psychic Abilities
How to Hold Black, White and Grey Magic
how to know your spirtuirtal name
How to Make a Chi Ball
How to make a Death Note Spell no. 1
How To Make A Magic Wand
how to make a movie or book character
How To Make a Psi Ball
How to make a Psi Ball
How to Make a Psi Ball
How to Make a Spell
How to Make a Spell
how to make a wand
How To Make a Wand
How to Make a Wand
How to make and throw a attributed psi ball
How to make home made black chalk easy (tested!)
how to make your magick beleif
how to make your magick beleif
How to read Auras
How to Repent
How to see a Psi ball
How to See Auras
How to Start Using Teleknesis
how to teleport using white magick
How to Tell if They're Lying
How to Use Magik
How to Write a Spell
Human Ice Cube
Hydrokinesis to Be
Hypno Crazy
Hypnosis Spell
Hypnosis Spell
I Want To Be A Vampire
Ice Energy
Ice Spell
Ice Tentacle
Idea for You
Ignition spell
Illusive Distraction Spell
Imagination Stretching Spell
Imprisonment spell
Improve Emotions
Improve Psychic Vision
Improve Your Telekinesis
Incense Recipes
Increase Belief
Increase Focus
Increase Psychic Power
Increase Will Power
Increase your Spells Accuracy
Indian Energy Technique
Induce Calm Spell
Information Faery Poetry
Information-Candle Omens
Information-Spring Omens
Information-Witch's Garden
Information: Broom/Besom Folklore
Inner Fire by Blade and Blood
Intelligence Spell
Interfering into the Energy Flow
Interfering into the Energy Flow
Interview With a Corpse
invisablity forever
Invisible Being To Be
Invocation for Help
Invocation of Isis
Invocation To Artemis
Invocation to Hecate
Invocation to Thor
Invocations chapter 1
Invoke Apollo
Invoke Death
Invoke Happiness
Invoke the Elements
Invoke the Power of Three
Invoking the Power of Pentacles
Irish Healing Waters Spell
Isis Girdle( Energy Spell)
Item Purification
Julliunyte Ritual Meditation
Kame-inspired energy blast
kamehamehameha black magic version
Keep Your Cool
Ki ball
Ki Ball
Ki Ball
Ki Ball
Ki Ball Blast
Ki Ball Shielding
Ki Blast
Ki Blast
Ki Drawing
Ki Heat
Ki Kick
Ki Manipulation
Ki Shield
Ki Star
Ki Techniques
Ki Training 1
Ki Training 2
Ki Training 3
Ki Wave
Kill A Chill
Kill Anger
Koldunic Ritual
Latin Spirit Summoning
Lending Strength
Levitate An Object
Levitate with Gravity (Objects)
Levitate Yourself Up
Life Bundles
Life Detect
Lift Your Spirit
Light Charging/Merging
Light Power
Lightening Charge
Lightning Psi Ball
Link With Fire For Energy
Listen To the Voices of Nature
Little Boost
Locate Near Spirits
Look Deep Into Someone's Mind
Loose Spirit
Love Energy Satchet
Love, Euphoria
Love, Healing, and Protection Satchet
Lucifer's one handed power blast
Luck 'Round the Wrist
Lucky get your Way Charm
lucky me spell
Lung Cleanse ( Better Meditation )
Lustful Bath Spell
Magic Awakining
Magic Candles
Magic Charm
Magic Circle
Magic Energy Store
Magic Keep Me Warm
Magic of Friendship
Magic Power Booste
Magic Seal
Magic Strength Intensifier
Magic Testing
Magic Water
Magical Prayer
Magically Charging a Piece of Jewelry
Magick Orb
Magick Potion Incantation
Magik 101: Basics
Magik 102: Elemental
Magyk Ball
Make a Nature Wand
Make a Poppet Doll
Make a Psi Ball
Make A Psi Ball The Proper Way
Make a Psi-Ball
Make a Spell
Make a Wand
Make a Wand
Make a Wand
Make a Wand
Make an Energy Wall
Make Bugs Stop Bothering You
Make Fire By Thought Alone
Make Him Real
Make it Windy
Make Moon Water
Make Someone Crazy
Make Someone Trip
Make Spells Work
Make Spells Work Better
Make the School day go Faster
Make things Move with your Mind
Make Time Go Quicker
Make your Crush Love You
Make Your Own Wand
Making a Charm
Making a Psi Ball
Making Potions
Making Psi Balls
Mana Gather
Mana Potion
Mana Regenerator
Mana Super Form
Manipulating Links
Manipulation Practice
Mark of the Hunter
Mask Removal
Massacre's Soul Consumption Method
Master of Breathing
Mathew's Ring
Meal Blessing
Meditaion Method
Meditation 101
Meditation and the Astral Plane
Meditation Fire
Meditation Method
Meditation Practice Tips
Meditation Techniques
Meditation to Rid Oneself of Negative Energy
Memory Enhancement Charm
Mental Attack
Mental Battle
Mental Block Removal
Mental Combat 2-durza
Mental Combat spell 1-durza
Mermaid connection spell
Mermaid Healing Spell
Mermaid Powers Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid/Merman Spell
Merman Spell
Method to Gain Full Power
Mind (hard)
Mind Combat Defense
Mind Expansion
Mind Reader
Mind Release
Mind Sleep Spell
Minds Eye
Mingle Your Energy With That of A Dragon
Minor Healing Spell
Mirror Invisibility Shade
Monroe Astral Projection
Mood Relief
Moon Drain
Moon Light Crist
Moon Power
Moon Power
Moon Spell
Moon Water
More Powerful Than Spells
More Strength
Morning star Psi-feed
Motivation Booster Spell
Move Anything With Your Mind
Moving Clouds
My Body Steady My Magic Ready
Necklace of Power
Necklace Protection
Negative energy
Negative Energy Jail
Negative Energy Summon
Negativity Energy
New Moon Psychic Bath
New Moon Psychic Bath
New Moon Psychic Bath
New Moon Psychic Bath
Night Vision
Noodles Mmagic
Notice Me Spell
Onyx Encasement
Open Mind
Open Storage Rift
Open the Third Eye
Open the Third Eye Chakra (indigo)
Open Third Eye
Open your Third Eye
Open Your Third Eye
Opening a Circle
Opening Macha's Fence
Opening The Gates of Power
Opening Your Chakras
Orb of Light
Orb of Piercing Light
Out With The Old, In With The New
Pain Relief
Patience Spell
Peace and Energy Tea
Peaceful Dreams
Peaceful Enlightenment
Peaceful Home Potion
Peaceful Meditation
Personal Power Crystal
Petals of Beauty
Phantasamal Arrow of Hellish Rebuke
Phantasmal Arrow of Hellish Rebuke
Phone Work
Physical Enegies
Physical Harm Shield
Pillar Drive
Plant Blessing Or Growth Enhancer
Plant growing elixir
Positive Energy
Positive Energy Chant
Positive Energy Therapy
Positivity and Inner Peace
POTION - Rocket Fuel
Potion of Energy
Potion of Happiness
Potion Of Power
Potion of Refreshment
Power Awakening
Power Binding Reversal
Power Finder
Power Inhancement
Power of the Elements
Power of Water
Power Raising Spell
Power Sort
Power Spell
Power Stone Enchant
Power Summoning Spell
Power Switching
Power Transfer
Power Water
Power Wizard
Powerful Hand from Water Power
Powerful Sigils Awakener
Powerful Ward
Powers of 3 Spell
Practice Telekinesis
Practice Visualization
Practice With Magical Energy
Prana Energy Ritual
Pranic breathing
Promoting Spiritual Growth
Prophecy Tea
Protection for Seven Days
Protection from Love Spells
Protection From Negative Energies Pouch
Protection Grid
Protection onto an Enchanted Object
Protection Powder
Protection Ritual
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protective Wolves
Psi Attack
PSI Ball
Psi Ball
Psi Ball
Psi Ball
Psi Ball
Psi Ball
Psi Ball
PSI Ball
PSI Ball
Psi Ball
Psi Ball
Psi Ball Control
Psi Ball Healing
Psi Ball Healing
Psi Ball Programming
Psi Ball Tutorial
Psi Crystal
Psi Energy Ball
Psi Energy Ball
Psi for Beginners
Psi Item
Psi Peace Ball
Psi Scrying
Psi Shield
Psi Sword
Psychic Abilities
Psychic Blood Curse
Psychic Exercise 1
Psychic Herb Jar
Psychic Link With Pet
Psychic Spell for Negative Energy
Psychic Tea
psychic vampire energy drain
Psychic Vampire Info
Psychic Vampirism
Purification Ceremony
Purify Aura Energy
Purify Aura Energy
Purify The Flame.
Purifying Water
Purple Fireball
Push Energy
Quick Calming Chant
Quick Elemental Strike
Quick Energy Muster
Quick Energy Raising
Quick Shielding
Rain of the West
Rain Stop
Raise Psychic Energy
Raising Energy
Raven's Feather
Raw Enegry
Raw Energy
Raw Energy
Real Ki Training
Real Life ''Gaster Blaster''
real lycan curse read summary
Reality Shatter
Really Easy Calming
Really Powerful Rain Spell
Receive Witch Powers
Recharge a Cell Phone
Recharge your Wand
Recipe-Tea For Meditation
Recover your Magical Energy
Red Energy
Refuel Your Mana
Reinforcement of Items
Reinforcing of a Personal Space
Relaxation Mantra
Relaxation Technique
Release your Inner Will
Releasing Aura's Full Potential
Releasing Negative Energy
relive stress,saddness,etc
Remain Unnoticed
Remember Your Dreams Jar Spell
Remote Healing
Remove Negativity
Restful Spell
Restore Energy
Restrict Energy
Retrieving Memory of Past Self
Reveal Magick
Revenge Spell
Rid Your Mind
Ring of Vix
Rite of Transformation
Ritual Work I
Room Blessing
Root Chakra Mantra
Rose Quartz Elixir
Run Fast
Run Fast
Run Faster
Run Faster
Runic Attuning
Running Fast
Sacred Art: Mind Orb
Salt Power
Samhain chant
Satans Help
Scaraotschi-Preventing Nightmares
Scarlet Witch Spell
secret knowledge and ultra time science ## the right one
See Someones Past
See the Demon in Yourself with a Mirror
See the Energy in the Air
See with your Hands
Seeing Auras
Seeing Auras
Seer's Potion
Self Empowerment
Self Hypnosis
Self Thermo Control
Send Back Cruel Words
Send good energy
Sense Danger From An Enemy
Sense increasing spell
Sense Intentions
Sensing and Moving Energy
Sensing the energy
Seven Chakra Cleansing and Awakening
Seven Circle Summoning
Shade Meditation
Shadow Ball
Shadow Binding
Shadow Gust
Shadow magic
Shadow Magic
Shadow Meditation
Shadow Travel
Shadows Conumption
Shapeshifting Spell
Sharpen Senses
Shh, Listen
Shield of whatever needed to protect
Shower Meditation
Sigil Magic
Sigil Magick
Simple Energy Chant
Simple Good Luck Spell
Simple Healing
Simple Servitor Creation
Simple Strengthening
Simple Tea Ritual
Simple Wings Spell
Simple Wish
Singing Ritual
Sky Dragon's Skills
Sleipnir Meditation
Small Lightening
Snake Abilities Spell
Snake Paralyze
Snake Spirit Animal
Snow Queen Potion
Solar Eclipse: Solar Lunar Water
Solar Eclipse: Strengthen Personal Energy
Solar Eclipse: Super Charging
Solitary Full Moon Rite
Some Hope
Sorcerers Life Force Tap
Soul Attack
Soul Attack (SM)
Soul Charging
Soul Consumption
Soul Drain
Soul Giveaway
Soul Release
Soundproof a Room
Space Clearing
Speed of Anger
Speed-up a Slow Computer
Spell Backfire
Spell Binder
Spell Fixer
spell not to give a $h@t! (swearing invalved. worth it though)
Spell of sickness
Spell Reversal Chant
Spell to Attune
Spell to Build Confidence / Self-empowerment
Spell to Cool Your Anger
Spell To Draw Good Energies To You
Spell To Gather Energy
Spell to Invoke Water
Spell to Speed Up the Growth Rate of a Plant
Spell Writing
Spinning Paper
Spirit Arrow
Spirit Board
Spirit Bow and Arrow
Spirit Crystal Creation
Spirit Dish
Spirit Eye
Spirit of Darkness
Spirit Summoning Oil
Spirital Connection
Spit Acid
Spite Rise
Starter Pack
Stationary Spiritual/Magical Shield
Stationary Spiritual/Magical Shield
Stay Awake
Stay Awake Whenever
Steal From Another Witch
Steal peoples Psi Energy
Stealing Enegry from other People
Stealing Life Force
Stir Your Inner Darkness
Stolen Leaf Clover
Stomach Bug/Ache Healing
Stone Cleansing
Stop Following Me
Stop from Losing Breath
Storing Energy for Beginners
Storm Water
Strength in Magick
Strength of the Body
Strength with Fire Control
Strong Energy
Strong Mental Shift (dog)
Sturdy Sleep
subliminal affirmations wish spell.
Subtle Feeling
Subtle Perception
Suck Energy From a Light
Summon a spirit
Summon a Spirit Servitor
Summon an Angel to your Aid
Summon Beauty from Within
Summon Energy
Summon Energy To Your Control
Summon Inner Power
Summon of the Elementals
Summon Rain Spell
Summon the Dead
Summon The Great Demons
Summon the Grim Reaper
Summon Your Inner Spirit
Summon Your True Power
Summoning A Cool Breeze
Summoning a Spirit
summoning of the sandman
sun energy
Sun Stone Physical Energy
Super Powers
Super Speed Shoes
Super Speed Spell
Supernatural Slayer
Sweet Disengagement
Sweet Dreams
Swirling Ki Technique
Switch Body Spell
Sword Summon
sword talent of the god flarion
Take Energy and Power
Take Someone's Power
Take Someone's Powers
Take Somonse Soul
Take the Light
Taking Away Pain from Injuries
Taking Magick Away
Talisman to Talk to Animals
Tama Speed
Tarot Card Protection
Tarot Spell
Tea Charging Spell
Teacher Ignore Me Spell
Telekinesis Go Learn
Telekinesis level one
Telekinesis Practice
Telepathic Message
Telepathy Spell
Temperature Control
Temperature spell
Tengi no Makio (Fear)
Test If You Are Magic
The Aid of Earth
The Akashan Prayer
The Bag of Stability:
The Best Attitude
The Curse of Intelligence
The Denegativizer Spell:
The Enchanted Charms For Aphrodite Love Spell
The Energy Ball
The fix-it spell
The Four Elements
The Hand Element Charm
The Lemon Curse
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
The Magickal Witch
The Mill Chant
The Pink Bubble
The Power of the Four Gods
The Purpose & Power of a Witches Hat
The Restoration of the Inner Soul
The Secert to Fire Manipulation
The Spell of Happiness
the spell of pure mind
The Star Brand
The Star Brand
The Witch's Call
Therianthropy Spell
Third Eye Moon/Sun Contact
Third Eye Open Wide
Third eye opening
Third Eye Renewal Spell
Three Things
thrid eye opening
Thunder Spell
Thunder Spell
Thunder Spell
Tickling Socks
Time Speed
To become more grounded
To Bind A Promise
To Bless Oneself
To Bond with Witches of the Past
To Break a Spell You've Cast
To Check If You Are A Vampire
To Cleanse Against Evil Thoughts
To Clear your Mind
To Control Someone's Volume
To create a Familiar (evil)
To Find What is Lost
To Find Whats Missing
To Find your Element
To gain energy
To Gain Energy
To gain Energy
To Gather Old Magick Ritual
To Give You Every Power
To Grow
To Increase Your Psychic Abilities
To Make Wind Blow Harder
To See What Supernatural You Are
To Sleep
To Speed up Spell With Law of Attraction
To Turn a Spell into Neutral Energy
Tornado Control
tornado energy Fist
tornado energy fist
Tornado Fist
Traditional Native American Prayer
training to contact iada
Tranquility Spell
Transfer Energy
Transfer Energy to an Object
Transfer energy using aura
Transport Into Video Games
Tree Energy Elixir
Tree Growth
Tree Magic
Triple Circle Casting
Triquetra Power Awakening
True Power
Turn Heat to Cold
ulitmate Ki move
ulitmate Ki move
Ultimate Mage Spells Part 1
Undo a Spell
Universe Energy Channeling
Unlock the Power of Your Eyes
Unlock your Aura
Unlock your Dark Aura
Unlocking your Magic Gift
Usable PSI Ball
Using The Right Incense For Spells
Vacuum Palm
Vampire Spell
Vampire spell
Vampire Transformation Spell
Vampiric Energy Drain
Very Simple Happiness Potion
Viking Funeral Prayer
Vision Meditation
Visualization to find Anything
Visualizing Ki
Void Stare
Voodoo Potion 1
Vox Solis
Vulture Spell
Wake Easily
Walk on water
Wand Enchantment
Warm Me Up
Wash Off Negative Energy
Water Blessed by the Eight
Water Control/Waterbending
Water element
Water Element
Water Element Affinity
Water Energy Spell
Water Flow Control Spell
Water Healing
Water Meditation Spell
Water Power
Water Powers
Waxing and Full Moon Chant
Weather Changing Spell
Werewolf Spell
What Witchcraft Really Is
Will of Fire
Will of The Gods
Willow Spells
Wind & Air Call
Wind Controlling
Wind Smack
Winds Of Time
Winx Club Spell
Wish Manifestation
Wish Protect Spell
Wish Spell
Wish Thoughtform
Wishing Jar
Witch/wizards Handshake
Witches Black Salt
Witches Chronokinisis
Witches Rede of Chivalry
working holy tonic
World pProtecting Spell
Writer's Block Chant
Writing Your Own Spells
X Curse
Yay spell
You Are Sleepy Potion
Your Element
Your Own World
Yuko no Hijo (Fear)
Zapping Powers
Zeus Son


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