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Anti Nightmare Chants
Anti-Nightmare Chant
Anti-Nightmare spell
Army of Zombies
BlOoDy MaRy spell
Book Dream
Call of Illusion
Calling Of Lucifer
Calming Chant
Cards of Revenge
Choose what you dream
Conjuration of Zombie
Control Someone's Dream
Dark Mind Cloud
Dark Mother Invocation/Summoning Spell
Dark One Curse
Dark Twillight Hex
Darken a Life
Darkness Dreaming
Death and Disruption Brew
Death in a Nightmare
Death Wish Spell
Dream Bottle
Dream Catcher Curse
Dream of Anything
Dream of Destruction
Dream of Silent Hill
Dream Spell
Dream Tea
Dream Tower/Spirit Column
Dreams and Nightmares
Druidic Night Terror
Easy Vampire Spell
Elemental Attack
Eleneras Nightmare
Fear Manifestation
Flame of guilt
Get Sleep Spell
Give Someone Nightmares
Grim Reaper Visit Spell
Hacates Wrath
Harleen's Dream Catcher
Harm an Evil Person
Herbal Sleep Aid
Hex of guilt
Hide and Seek with Chucky
Hypnos's Nightmare Hex
Hypnos's Nightmare hex
In the Dark of Night
Insomniac's Sleep Aid
Invoke Death
Jellyfish Vision
Kava Kava Death
Keep away Nightmares Spell
Life of Fear
Link your mind with the world.
Lucid Dream Bag
Lucid Dreaming, or Controlling the Realms of Night
Make a Spirit Appear
Messenger of Darkness
Midnight terrors
Misery Spell *(not tested but maked by myself)*
Misfortune Jar
Nightmare Aid
Nightmare Aid
Nightmare Banish
Nightmare Brew
Nightmare call
Nightmare Hex
Nightmare of Nyx
Nightmare Repelling Herb Pouch
Nightmare Spell
nightmare spell
Nightmare& bad luck spell
Nightmares of Lucifer
Nightmares/Protection While Dreaming
No more Nightmares
Nocte Dolor
Peaceful Sleep
Prevent Nightmares
Prevent Nightmares with Gold and Dragon Statue
Protect From Nightmares
Remove a Pyschic Vampire
Rose Revenge Nightmare
Scaraotschi-Preventing Nightmares
Send a Nightmare
Shadow Control
Sleep Potion
Sleep Spell
Sleep Spell
Sleep Tight
Sleeping Spell
Song Of Nightmares
Song Of Nightmares
Spell for a Peacefull Sleep
Spirit Dream
Star-Crossed Love
Stay awake
Stop Nightmares
Summon Ghost
Summon Marie
summon purple shep
Summon Slender Man On An Enemy
Summon the Boogie Man
Summon the Grim Reaper
Summon the Wiccan Devil
Summoning Beezlebub and Capturing
Summoning Slenderman
The Curse Of A Deadly Sleep
The midnight game
Three Nights of Hell
Three Nights of Hell
To Bring Nightmares
To Drive Away Bad Dreams
To Protect a Sleeping Mind
Twisting their Sixth Sense
Vampire Spell Chant
Voice of Pain
Void Stare
Ward Off Nightmares


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