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A Very Powerful Barrier
A Warning
Advanced Shielding & Grounding
Against a Dwarf Attack
Ajenjible Banishing Spell
Amulet of Good Luck
An Ahkli Exorcism
Ancient Curse
Anti-intruder Spell
Anti-negativity Satchel
Anti-negativity toward Ex-relation Spell
Anubis Sacrifice and Protection
Aura Shield
Avoidance of 9ís
Away, Annoying People
Back Off
Bad Habit Banishment
Balancing your Energies
Banish Cleanse & Protect
Banish Demon
Banish Demons
Banish Evil from Kids
Banish Holy
Banish Negativity
Banish Negativity Mojo Bag
Banish spirit (advanced)
Banishing a Fool
Banishing a Person
Banishing an Evil Spirit
Banishing Evil/Negativity
Banishing Incense
Banishing Negative Energies
Banishing Oil
Banishing Spell
Banishing Spell to stop Harm
Barrier of Light
Basic Banishment
Basic Sage Cleansing
Bast Protection
Be Calm
Bind Bullies
Bind the Annoying
Bless Yourself
Block a Door
Blowing Problems Away
Book Seal
bottle,bottle,- save a spell in a bottle
Break a Sorcerer's Curse
Breaking a Binding Spell
Breaking A Spell
Breaking the Hold Someone has Over You
Brigid Home Protection
Buddhist Protection Ritual
Bugs be Gone
Calm The Winds
Candles of Divine Banishing
Cast a Protective Circle
Casting a Cirlce
Casting Pentacle Wards
Centering Negative Energy
Chains Lockem
Charm Of Mystic Protection
Christian Protection
Cleanse an Object
Cleanse and Charge your Space
Cleanse nearby Air
Cleansing Bath
Cleansing of Vajrasattva
Cleansing Spell TESTED
Cleansing the Aura
Cleansing the Body of Negative Energies
Cure Hiccups Easily and Quickly
Curse Breaker
Curse-breaking With Elements
Dagda Area Protection
Dark Entity Banishment
Detect Ghosts
Disperse Negative Emotion
Divine Shield
Don't Call Me Spell
Don't touch
Door Fire
Double Barrier of Protection
Dream spell (Ward off nightmares)
Drive away Evil
Elemental Knight
Elemental Shield
Emergency Protection
Enchant Many
Erase Hypnosis
Essence of a Guardian
Evil Eye Amulet
Exorcism the Satanic Way
Exorcism/Cleansing Spell for a Home
Fast Protection Spell
Finnish spell against Evil Spirits
Flushing Spell
Forcefield from Dark Magic
Free of Past Pain Spell
Fruit Protection
Frustration Go Away
Fully Blowted Insence
Garden protection spell
Garlic vs Evil
Germ Removal
Get Rid of a Bad Feeling
Get Rid of a Bully
Get Rid of Headaches
Get Rid of Problems
get rid of unwanted entity
Go Away
Gods and Goddess Plea
Good luck Spell
Good Vibrations
Grimoire/BoS Seal of Protection
Grounding Technique
Harleen's Flying Devil Powder
Harm Blockade
Healing Spell
Heart of Stone
Heather Besom
Herb Spells
Herbal Cleaning
Herbal Protection Gris-Gris Bag
Hex Breaker Spell
Holy Bubble
Home Protection
House Blessing
House Blessing Spell
Household Gods
How to become a human again from any spell
How to Make Hoodoo Item
Hurricane Protection
Imbolc Chants
Incense Protection
Juno's Brew
Keep Away Spell
Kill Anger
Large Area Ward
Leave Me Be
Lemon Uncrossing Spell (Break A Curse)
Let Me Sleep
Lion Protection Charm
Lock Spell
Magic Book Blessing
Magic Dream-Catcher
Magic Goblin Trap
Make Someone Go Away
Making Blessed/Holy Water
Midsummer Fire
Mini Protection Vial
Mirror Barrier
Moon Protection for the Amulets
Move Unseen
My Embrace
My Lord Will Protect Me
Negative Energy Protection
Negativity Banishing Spell
Negativity Be Gone Spell
No Longer Spell
Overcoming your Shadows
Paint the Mirrors Black
Peace in Mind
Peace in The Room
Personal Cleansing
Personal Cleansing
Plant Blessing Or Growth Enhancer
Potion to break a Curse/Hex
Protect Against a Charm
Protect from Harm
Protect Ones Self from Stalkers
Protect Your Home
Protecting Mantra of Palden Lhamo
Protection ( Mars Water)
Protection Amulet
Protection Chant
Protection Charm
Protection Charm
Protection From an Evil Spirit
Protection Herb Blend
Protection Potion
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Witch's Jar
Protective ice spell
Psychic Protection Bath
Pumpkin Spell
Purification (To Break a Curse)
Purification (To Break a Curse)
Purify and Protect a Room
Purifying Emotions
Put Asunder the Plans of an Enemy
Put Feelings in a Container
Rain Away
Rain Dispelling
Rain Stopping Spell
Rain Stopping Spell (Works After You Say It)
Rebound Spell
Recipe-Hoodoo Protection Powder
Reflect Negativity
Remove a Curse
Remove a spell
Remove a Spell (easy)
Removing Bad Energy
Removing Misfortune
Restore Peace to an Unhappy Home
Reversal Love Spell
Reversal Spell
Reversal Spell
Reverse a Curse
Reverse a Spell
Reverse a Spell
Reverse Candle Spell
Reverse Negativity or Hexes
Reversing a spell/Closing a portal
Ridding Negativity Spell
Ritual of Disenchantment
Salt Protection
school spell
Secure a door
See Element Mythology
Self Purification Spell
Send Back Bad Prayers
Separation Spell
Shadow Garden
Shadow Spell
Shield Against Evil's Sight
Sigil of The Light
Silence a Stalker
Simple Herbal Protection Spell
Simple Home Protection
Simple House Blessing
Simple Hurt Hex
Simple Protection Charm
Simple Spell-Weakener
Single Room Cleansing
Sleep Protection
Smudge Protection
Sparkle's Christian Wicca Banishing
Spell of Protection
Spell Removal
Spell to protect home from evil spirits
Spell to Ward off Psychic Vampires
Spirit Banishing
Spirit Barrier
Spirit Element Protect
Spirits no more
Spiritual Cleanse
Stop Gossip
Stop Gossip Poppet Spell
Stop Loving
Stop People From Entering Your Room
Stop Slipping on Ice
Stop Thieves
Stops All Spells
The decagram ward
The Little Jar of Sand
Thick Air
To Banish a Pest
To Banish Hatred and Resentment
To Break a Curse
To Break a Spell you have Cast
To Clear Evil Intent
To Cure A Headache
To Know the Child Within
To Make Bad Luck Go Away
To Quell Mischief Among Your Belongings
To Reverse Negativity or Hexes
To Rid Yourself of a Problem
To Send Away Unwanted Spirits
To Ward off un-wanted spirits
tornado energy fist
Trap an Evil Spirit
Trapping Negative Energies
Undoing Spell
Vampire Summoning
Vanish an Entity
Vanish Negativity
Vanishing Spell
Very Simple Protection
Vivinies Circle
Ward Demons From This Place
Ward off Evil Spirits
Ward Off Psychic Vampire Attacks
Warding Chant
Warding Dark Influences
Warding off the Evil Eye/Blocking Black Magic
Warding Off Unlickiness And Evil Spirits
Warding-Off Evil
Warning Spell
Wash Off Negative Energy
Water Protection
Werewolf spell Ancient Sorcery
Wild Power Charm
Will They Stay
Wind To Blow Spell
Wisdom Mantra of Manjushri
Witch Light
Witch's Bottle
Witches Cleansing Bottle


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