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A Spell For Story Writing
A+ spell
A-Magical Pomander
Achieving a Dream Job
Akasha's Money Powder
Angelic Voice
Archangel Wish
Artists and Craftsmen
Attracting Extra Money
Basic Money Botanicals Candle
Beauty Voice Potion
Become wealthy
Better Business: Charm Bag
Cell Phone Signal Boost
Chamber of Treasure
Charm Bag for Employment
Clear a Traffic Jam
Confidence in Social Situations
Crown of Success Oil
Drawing Out a Latent Talent
Dream Job Spell
Druidic Finance Spell
Eliminating Personal Poverty
Employment Charm
Find a Job/Money
Find your Element
Find Your Element!!!
Find Your Path
Finding Your Element
Focusing for Jobs and School
For Employment
For Good Grades
For Study and Concentration
Get a A on a test
Get A Job
Get a Job Spell
Good Luck
Good Luck
Good Luck
Good Luck for a Job
Great Luck Spell
green candle job spell
Green Mint Job Spell
Guidance Sygil
Guide for Simple Luck
Gypsy's Luck Beginners
Help in Court
Herbs of Communication spell
Honey Jar of Luck and Careers
Hoodoo Money Candle Spell
how to tranform all the magic in a ring
Intelligence Booster Potion (Home Herb Addition)
Islamic Blessing
Job Attracting Spell
Job Landing conjure bag
Job Landing Spell
Job Seeking Spell
Knot Money
Laws of Magic
Laws of Magic
Learn by Heart
Legal Success
Luck in Business
Make You The Best Basketball Player
Make Your Own Spell
Make your own Spell Hints
Money and/or Job Spell
Money by Full Moon
Money Doubling
Money Maker
Money Powder Cross Spell
Morning Spell
Nocturnals Embrace
Pick Me
Purple Light Spell
Ritual of The Rich
Saint Jude Helping Hand
Silent Luck
Simple Money Spell
Simple Motivation and Success Potion
Sing Better Spell
Sing to angels
Singers Dream Voice
Sleeping Spell
Sleepy Voodoo
Speed Up Time
Spell for Easier Learning
Success in Finding a Job
Successful Career Spell
To Bring About Compromise
To Create Opportunity
To Get Your Dream Job
To impress god of fortune
To make time go faster
Voice Simulator
Water Will
Weaving Success
Win a Court Case 1
Win A Court Case 2
Witch Spell
Witch/wizards Handshake
wolfblood spell
Work Place Calm Down
Write Neat with Pencil


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