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Amaterasu's Protection Spell
Apollo's Sight
Ark Light
Become An Angel For a Short Time
Block Sun with the Clouds
Bring Heat Lightening
Bring on a Storm
Bring out the Sun
Bring the Rain
Bring the Sunshine
Bye bye clouds
Call Forth a Shadow of Protection
Chakra Water
Clear Day Chant
Cloud breaker
Cloud Evaporation
Cloudy Day
Control the Sky
Dark Sky
Divination Light Spell
Dragon of the Wind's Wings
Dragon Wishing
Dry and works
Elemental Protection (Works)
Fire Claws
Fire Sorcerer
Get One with the Sun God
Give Me Light
Hot Day
Keep Your Cool
Lessen the Rain
Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram
Light of God
Light Overpower
Light Power
Light Spell
Lights Up
Lumos Solem
Magic Keep Me Warm
Magnifecent Day
Make a Sun Charm
make a weather doll
Make it Summer
Make It Sunny
Make Something Hot
Make the School day go Faster
Make The Sun Come From Over The Clouds
Moon Wishing
Move Clouds
Multiple Weather Spells
Night Vision
Planet Control
Plant Power
Prayer to Apollo
Purify Drinking Water
Put a Fire Out
Rain Storm
Rain to Shine
See Ghosts
Shining Light of Truth
Simple Sun
Snow Day Spell
So the Sun Comes Out
Solar Eclipse: Solar Lunar Water
Solar Eclipse: Strengthen Personal Energy
Solar Eclipse: Super Charging
Stone Blessing
Stop the Rain
Stop the Rain and Summon the Sun Spell (tested)
Strength with Fire Control
Summon the Sun
Summon the Sun
Summoning the Sun
Sun and Moon Curse
Sun I Seek You
Sun Light Spear
Sun Protection
Sun Ray Spell
Sun Spell
Sun Spell
Sun Spell
Sun Spells
Sun's Last Stand
Sunlight Protection
Sunny Day
Sunny Day
Sunny Day
Sunny Day
Sunny Day Spell
Sunny Day Spell
Sunny day spell
Sunny Skies Spell
Sunny Skies Spell
Sunny Weather and Clear Skies
Take the Light
Teeth Whitening Spell
The power of Ra
To Bring The Clouds
To Create A Sunny Day
To Keep Warm
To Make Sun Water
Tree Energy Elixir
Turn a Light On and Off
Turn Candle Off
vampire spell
vampire spell
Vampire Sun Charm
Weather Changing
Weather Whispering
World pProtecting Spell
Your own weather Day Spell


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